12 Wallpapers From ‘One of a Kind’ Guaranteed to Wow You

One of a Kind's Grace Mitchell is fearless with her designs, especially when it comes to wallpaper. Colorful, unique, and often meaningful, many of the wallpapers featured are more than just decorative — they’re part of telling the homeowners’ story.

March 15, 2019

Pretty in Paint

In what is now officially the coolest bedroom ever, Grace used a super fun, paint-splattered wallpaper to pay tribute to Bella’s creativity and love of art.

Menu Mural

To honor the story of how the homeowner's parents opened a restaurant after immigrating from El Salvador to Canada, Grace blew up a copy of the restaurant's menu and used it as the perfect kitchen accent wall.

Picnic Time

Because the Thinnes family loves the outdoors, Grace decided to bring a little bit of the outside in by incorporating wallpaper reminiscent of a picnic blanket in her design.

Love Letter Walls

When Grace learned that homeowners Charlie and Erin wrote love letters to each other early in their relationship, she knew she had to get her hands on those letters and incorporate them into her design.

Stairs with Flair

In a home full of rock collectors, Grace decided to spice up the staircase with malachite wallpaper.

The Fifth Wall

Grace has said that the ceiling is the fifth wall — so why not wallpaper it? In the Holt family's master suite, Grace covered the ceiling with a charming hummingbird wallpaper.

Bold Florals

Grace added floral wallpaper to the kitchen to not only brighten it, but to remind the homeowners of their travels to Mexico.

Party Pantry

Because the Flores family loves to entertain, Grace built them a pantry space complete with utensil wallpaper on the ceiling.

Bathroom Swans

The Holt family's four-year-old daughter loves swans. With that in mind, Grace incorporated this beautiful swan wallpaper into the daughter’s bathroom.

Grab A Plate

What better way to make your guests feel welcome than ensuring there is a plate for everyone? Grace used this wallpaper to accomplish that, as well as 55 real plates that she glued over the fireplace.

Symbolic Ceilings

Knowing how important the concept of hope is to the Findley family, Grace brought in a wallpaper that featured swallows and leaves to represent hope and new growth.

A Family Mural

When Grace arranged a family photoshoot, the family probably thought she would have a picture framed and display it on a table somewhere. Instead, Grace surprised them with a mural!

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