One of a Kind: A Schweet Reno For A Sweet Couple

Grace didn't just update Erin and Charlie's home — she added personal touches to tell their family's sweet story.

March 21, 2019
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Grace Gets Personal

Grace makes sure every home she touches tells the homeowners' stories. In this case, Charlie and Erin had a sweet love story that Grace found a way to incorporate. Their love combined with family history in the ice cream business, created one schweet renovation.

Meet the Homeowners

Erin and Charlie Schultz met freshmen year of college and the rest of history! Here they are with their two children and dog.

Kitchen, Before

Before the renovation, the kitchen was small, cramped, and outdated. The window over the sink looked into the living room.

Living Room and Kitchen, After

The living room now opens into the much more spacious kitchen, which features a large, functional island, vaulted ceilings, and a customized message on the backsplash.

Kitchen, After

This custom metal sign on the kitchen backsplash draws from two sources of inspiration: Charlie's grandparents' dairy's slogan and Charlie and Erin's penchant for turning "S" words into "Sch" words.

Kitchen, Before

The original kitchen featured a very oddly placed brick stack that housed the oven.

Kitchen, After

The brick from the oven stack was repurposed to create this delightful storage nook for flatware and utensils.

Kitchen, Before

Another look at how small the kitchen was. You'll see in the back that the door on the left lead to a small office space. Wait 'til you see what Grace did there!

Kitchen and Office, After

Grace opened up those walls, said goodbye to that office, and gave the Schultz's their very own ice cream parlor!

Ice Cream Parlor

An in-home ice cream parlor is pretty schweet, but there's a reason why Grace incorporated it into her design. Charlie's family invented a very famous ice cream bar that you've definitely heard of!

Ice Cream Parlor Details

The ice cream parlor features authentic condiment dispensers reminiscent of those found in Charlie's grandparents' dairy company.

Love Letter Walls

And in case the ice cream parlor couldn't get any sweeter, Grace took love letters Charlie and Erin wrote to each other and turned them into wallpaper!

Dining Room, Before

Previously, the dining room was wasted space. The family never used it and it was positioned awkwardly within the home.

Dining Room, After

So long dining room and hello home office! Like every other room, there had to be a personal touch. So, Grace had Charlie take photos of his and Erin's favorite spots around Fort Worth, Texas and had them turned into wallpaper to cover the office cabinets. Cute, right?

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