A One of a Kind Lake House

After purchasing a lake house, Ruth and Bryson Nokes already had a sign created that reads "Nokes Resort." However, the house was far from feeling resort-like — that is, until Grace got her hands on it!

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Nokes Resort

Ruth and Bryson Nokes recently purchased a mid-century home that needed a ton of updating. The main draw to the house was the fact that it’s on a lake — the Nokes absolutely love the water. With a budget of $150K, Grace took on the exterior, living room, and kitchen. In this photo, Grace and the guys pose in front of the new entryway with tiled steps and an updated front door.


Grace chose a blue cabinetry with movement to mimic water and the backsplash is actually old basketball court flooring! Grace incorporated this personal touch because the homeowners first met while playing basketball at the gym.

Living Room

Previously, there was a big ol’ wall here separating the kitchen from the rest of the home. By removing the wall, Grace was able to create a more open space with better flow for entertaining.

Wall Mural

Ruth Nokes is a photographer but takes way more pictures of other families than she does her own. Grace came up with a sweet idea to do a family photo shoot — one where Ruth would be in front of the camera as opposed to behind it! The Nokes probably thought the photo would be framed somewhere, but that’s not Grace’s style! Instead, Grace turned the family photo into a wall mural for the fireplace.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Here’s another angle of the kitchen and dining space. Because the house is mid-century, Grace brought in a little bit of '70s flair with the furniture.

Canoe Light

One of the biggest projects of this renovation was the ceiling. Putting in the cathedral ceiling gave this lake house some much-needed architectural interest. To make an even bigger statement, Grace and Mr. Charlie turned an 18-foot canoe into a lighting fixture!


When your house overlooks a lake, a great patio is a must! One thing Grace incorporated here was a gorgeous (and expensive!) folding back door system. You’ll also notice that the house is black! Grace knew it was a bit out there, but she felt a black exterior would help the home feel nestled in its surroundings.

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