How to Make a Geometric-Patterned Trellis

Add architectural interest to your home with this unique alternative to standard window shutters.

Custom Herringbone Trellis 01:00

Add architectural interest to your home with this unique alternative to standard window shutters.

Skill Level
Estimated Cost $150
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Photo by: Gary Payne

Gary Payne

Materials and Tools:

  • pneumatic staple gun and staples
  • compressor
  • (5) 1x2 x 8' fir boards
  • exterior wood glue
  • miter saw
  • pencil
  • speed square
  • exterior-grade spray paint

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Estimated Time: 1/2 day
Estimated Cost: $150

Cut Boards

Mina Starsiak of Good Bones partners with Lowes. Not to be used for alternative clients/purposes.

Photo by: Gary Payne

Gary Payne

  • Cut three 1x2 fir boards to 6'6"
  • Cut two 1x2 fir boards to 12" 
  • Cut one 1x2 board to 2' 4-1/2"

These boards will serve as the outer frame of the trellis.

Assemble Frame

Attach the 2' 4-1/2" piece perpendicular to the end of a 6'6" board using a pneumatic staple gun. Place the second 6'6" board 12 inches from the first, and staple it into place. Attach the last 6'6" board to the other end of the 2' 4-½" board to create the top of the frame.

Attach the two 12-inch fir boards in each section, about 1'8" from the bottom of the 6'6" frame boards. You should have two rectangles with three stakes on one side.

Attach Vertical Boards

Use a miter saw to cut two 1x2 fir boards to 56-1/2" to evenly divide the two rectangle sections on the frame. This will allow for space for the herringbone-type pattern. Attach these pieces centered at 5-1/2" within each of the rectangles. Use a staple gun and wood glue for added support (Images 1 and 2).

Cut Pattern Pieces

Mark a 45-degree angle on 1x2 fir boards using a pencil (Image 1). Set the miter saw to a 45-degree angle and cut (32) 8-1/2" boards (Image 2).

Attach Pattern Pieces

Flip the frame face-down and make a mark every seven inches all the way down for the placement of the angled pieces (Image 1). Attach all 32 pieces at those marks using the wood glue and staple gun (Images 2-3). Repeat the pattern in each additional rectangular space, alternating the 8-1/2” boards pattern to create the flame-stitch pattern (Image 4). 

Paint or Finish

Mina Starsiak of Good Bones partners with Lowes. Not to be used for alternative clients/purposes.

Photo by: Gary Payne

Gary Payne

Spray-paint the trellis using an exterior-grade spray paint. Use multiple thin coats of paint for the best results.

Install Trellis

Anchor the trellis in soil and against your house so it will be sturdy enough to support plant growth down the road. Push trellis into the ground about 10 inches. 

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