A Guide to Apples and Pears

Use this simple tree fruit guide to help you select the best crops for your garden and containers.
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Golden Noble Apple Sweetens in Storage

Golden Noble apple tree produces one of the best cooking apples, the fruits are golden yellow with a good sharp flavor. Full of flavor and ripening in October. The apples keep well for two months or so and can also be frozen whole in bags.

Royal Gala Apple Familiar Dessert Fruit

Royal Gala apple is medium in size with a sweet flavor, ideal for pies, sauces and salads. It produces a blush of pink of the skin, with the color varying from yellow to almost orange with deep orange stripes. It is dense, sweet, aromatic and juicy.

Egremont Russet is Delicious Dessert Apple

Egremont Russet is a classic russet apple that remains popular with discerning apple lovers who appreciate its unique flavor and appearance. It is medium sized apple, with a nutty flavor, more delicate than most varieties, and quite sweet.

Kidds Orange Red Apple Produces Sweet Juice

Kidds Orange Red apple tree grows attractively, and the crimson pink blossom is a particular feature. Although primarily an apple for eating fresh, Kidds Orange Red also produces a very pleasant sweet apple juice.

Red Falstaff Apple Produces Late Season Crop

Because it is frost resistant and self fertile, Red Falstaff proves to be one of the heaviest yielding varieties. It produces profuse amounts of blossoms and is an excellent pollinator for other varieties. Pick in October for a wonderful mellow flavor.

Williams Bon Chretien called King of Pears

Williams Bon Chretien pear is often called the king of pears. Large golden yellow fruits, sometimes flushed red, are extremely sweet and juicy. It is a heavy cropping fruit, and delicious dessert or cooking pear.

Doyenne du Comice Favorite Dessert Pear

Doyenne du Comice pear produces large, greenish yellow fruit when ripe. It is the queen of winter pears. Flesh is buttery, sweet, tender and aromatic. Slow to bear, it needs a period of cold storage before ripening.

Beurre Hardy is Popular French Dessert Pear

Beurre Hardy pear trees produce sweet, juicy dessert pears ready to eat by late summer. In spring, they produce fragrant pink and white flowers, and their leaves turn a dramatic red in the fall. Sometimes called French butter pears for their creamy flesh.

Beurre Superfin Pear Delicious Raw or Cooked

Beurre Superfin is a little known pear that is a delight to eat. It is a medium sized fruit, with firm flesh, crisp with light green skin and a classic pear shape. Very juicy, but not over sweet. An instant favorite.

Concorde Pear is Excellent for Snacking

The Concorde pear is known for its tall, elongated neck and firm, dense flesh. Its skin is golden green and oftentimes has golden yellow russeting in spots. Its vanilla sweet flavor and firm texture holds up well when heated and is excellent for snacking.

Ashmeads Kernel is Very Old Traditional Apple

Ashmeads Kernel is a very old traditional English russet apple. It remains popular for its distinctive pear like flavor. Often considered as a dessert apple, it is actually quite versatile. It keeps very well in a cold storage..

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