How to Freeze Strawberries

Start a frozen strawberry treasure-trove with these easy instructions.

growing strawberries

Fresh Strawberries

Sweet, easy-to-grow strawberries are a fan favorite.

Sweet, easy-to-grow strawberries are a fan favorite.

It's easy to go overboard when strawberries finally come into season. If your eyes were bigger than your stomach on that last trip to the farmers' market or “U-Pick-'Em” farm, those luscious crimson berries need not go to waste. Strawberries are a prime candidate for home preservation and freezing is among the easiest ways to wrangle that yummy surplus. 

Strawberries can easily be frozen whole and unsweetened. For directions on freezing whole berries, check out our post on freezing blueberries. If your plans include baking or just using them to toss into a smoothie or cup of yogurt, slicing the succulent berries and packing them in dry sugar is a sure bet for retaining best color and flavor. Follow these simple instructions on how to dry sugar pack your strawberries and enjoy the sweet taste of summer all year long. 

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Freezing Strawberries: Dry Sugar Method

Wash strawberries in a colander, discarding any unripe strawberries or berries that show bruising or discoloration. Drain well and let rest a few minutes to dry. 

Hull berries and slice or cut into halves or quarters and transfer into a large bowl. 

Sprinkle ½ cup of sugar per quart of strawberries into the bowl and gently stir strawberries to coat and dissolve sugar. 

Immediately transfer sugar-coated strawberries into Ziploc bags or other airtight containers. 

Label with contents and date and place in freezer. 

Frozen strawberries may be kept for up to one year, although color and flavor will begin to fade after about 6 months.

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