How Does the 'Beverly Hills, 90210' Beach House Look Today?

'90s fashion is back in a big way. Shall we check in on '90s real estate?

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Darren Star and Aaron Spelling’s sun-soaked portrait of Southern California’s toniest zip code — and the young people making occasionally terrible and consistently entertaining life choices there — was a global pop culture sensation in its day.



LOS ANGELES : GROUP PHOTO OF THE 'BEVERLY HILLS 90210' TEAM (Photo by mikel roberts/Sygma via Getty Images)

Photo by: mikel roberts

mikel roberts

These days, it’s a Generation X touchstone. On the twentieth anniversary of one of its most memorable episodes, as Tori Spelling (aka Donna Martin) told New York magazine in 2013, “I mean, literally, I don’t think I can walk anywhere down the street — like, at least once a week I get ‘Donna Martin graduates’ or someone will be like, ‘Can I say it around you?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, please.’ They’re like, ‘Can you say it back to me?’ I’m like, ‘For sure.’”

Walkthrough Productions

Photo by: Adrian Tiemens Photography

Adrian Tiemens Photography

Walkthrough Productions

Nostalgic fans still make pilgrimages to the beachside apartment Donna, David Silver (Brian Austin Green) and Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) shared after graduating from West Beverly High. On the show, their address was 1610 Lighthouse Road, University Beach (90412 — hey, we all have to evolve a bit when we get to college). Its real-world address? 3500 The Strand, Hermosa Beach (90254).

It should be noted that David was better at finding the place than he was at living there — as a late-night college DJ, he was a pretty lousy housekeeper (ugh, college-guy hygiene).

He made a better roommate than Clare Arnold (Kathleen Robertson), who shot an X-rated video with him and rocked the house with a terrible snoring habit. Oh, Donna and Kelly. Life is suffering.

Nevertheless, after seven seasons and 206 episodes of prime-time chastity, Donna decided to lose her virginity to David at 1610 Lighthouse Road.

Walkthrough Productions

Walkthrough Productions

One can’t make that sort of pilgrimage to the place, as the apartment’s interior shots were filmed 40 miles away on a sound stage in Van Nuys.

Walkthrough Productions

Photo by: Adrian Tiemens Photography

Adrian Tiemens Photography

Walkthrough Productions

On the bright side, its killer view is up for grabs: 3500 The Strand is currently on the market for a cool $16.5 million, and its actual living spaces (which span three units and 2,868 square feet) have aged very well.

Walkthrough Productions

Photo by: Adrian Tiemens Photography

Adrian Tiemens Photography

Walkthrough Productions

Not a bad spot for a retro television watch-a-thon — not bad at all.

Walkthrough Productions

Walkthrough Productions

A proposed reboot of the space might serve as an excellent HQ for a rumored “Beverly Hills, 90210” reboot (which could reunite Kelly and Donna, according to Deadline). How about it, 90210 fans? #DonnaMartinRenovates

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