How to Properly Puppy-Proof Your House

With more time at home, you may think it's the perfect time to get a puppy. And we agree! Let us show you how to stay one step ahead of your curious pup and protect your house in the process.

Photo by: Yasmin Murphy

Yasmin Murphy

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Some puppy mischief, such as digging in the trash, chewing socks and snacking on furniture, is easy to predict. Other missteps, like mistaking power cords for toys and eating toxic plants, tend to catch dog owners by surprise. Luckily, there are several ways to set yourself and your puppy up for a more paw-sitive experience, and we’ve thought of everything for you.

Buy a Lidded Trash Can

This may seem obvious, but maybe you just don’t think it’s worth replacing your current can. Believe us, opting for a lidded trash can replacement can not only save you from cleaning up big messes, but it can help prevent your pup from eating dangerous items that will hurt them as well as cost you a trip to the animal hospital. Plus, a lidded trash can will drastically cut down on garbage smell, so it’s a win-win.

Photo by: Yasmin Murphy

Yasmin Murphy

Throw a Lid on Laundry

In the same vein, opting for a lidded laundry basket for both dirty and clean clothes will help keep your mischievous mutt from tearing up yet another pair of socks. If you have to choose one over the other, prioritize lidding the dirty clothes, as your dog is extra tantalized by the clothing that carries your scent.

Photo by: Yasmin Murphy

Yasmin Murphy

Wrap Up Power Cords

For a probing pup, power cords are a strange, tempting treat. Their untrained puppy brains can have a hard time differentiating plastic power cords from other toys and even dogs that know better can easily get tangled in cords when playing. For this reason, it is a good idea to implement a pet-proof cord wrangler in your home. These tools keep cords nice and tight together and help fend off any curious chewers.

Photo by: Yasmin Murphy

Yasmin Murphy

No-Chew for You

Before you come home to find your favorite family heirloom gnawed to pieces, take some time to spray the more tempting items in your home with a no-chew spray. The bitter smell will deter even the most curious chewers and save your furniture. Because all dogs are different, it's a good idea to test your spray of choice on an item to see how your dog reacts and make sure they're not attracted to the spray.

Photo by: Yasmin Murphy

Yasmin Murphy

Pro Tip: To help your dog fight his temptation to chew furniture, make safe-to-chew items accessible. This can be something as simple as a toy. When combined with a no-chew spray, this can make a world of difference.

Utilize Childproof Latches

Much like children, puppies are curious and can get themselves into a lot of trouble if they start snooping around the wrong spot. Stay one step ahead of this by using childproof latches to lock up cabinets holding harmful items like chemical cleaning supplies and food.

Photo by: Yasmin Murphy

Yasmin Murphy

Section Off Safe Areas

When you get a puppy, it can be hard to totally rethink your home in order to set them up for success. Instead of changing everything in your home at once, use a baby gate to section off safe areas. Be sure these rooms are totally puppy-proof and always leave a toy behind to keep them entertained and happy. This will help ensure they don’t get bored and look for trouble.

Photo by: Yasmin Murphy

Yasmin Murphy

Keep Towels Close By

If you have an indoor/outdoor dog, you are familiar with the amount of leaves, dirt and sticks that make their way in on your four-legged friend's feet. You can easily combat this by simply keeping some towels near the door. When you anticipate a mess, the towels will be close by so you can wipe your dog’s feet without having to leave them outside alone.

Protect Your Floors

Spilled dog food can wreak havoc on your home’s clean floors, while spilled water can even cause extensive damage to wood floors. Luckily, you can easily prevent this by placing your dog’s food and water bowls on absorbent mats. These mats come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of designs to suit your home’s aesthetic.

Photo by: Yasmin Murphy

Yasmin Murphy

Replace Toxic Houseplants

Unfortunately, many of the most popular and beautiful houseplants are toxic if ingested. This can be dangerous if you have a curious puppy in the house. To make sure man’s best friend stays safe and healthy, keep toxic plants out of reach or simply replace them with non-toxic varieties. Wheatgrass is a beautiful, creative replacement that is great for digestion while ferns are non-toxic if eaten.

Photo by: Yasmin Murphy

Yasmin Murphy

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