6 Out-of-the-Box Ways With Watermelon

Say hello to summer with 6 exciting ways to eat the official fruit of the season: watermelon.

Watermelon 6 Ways
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There is nothing quite like pulling a bowl of chilled watermelon pieces out of the fridge for an afternoon snack on a hot summer day. But if you're looking for even more ways to enjoy this hot-weather staple, then just wait until you see what we have in store for you!

Watermelon Fries

Start by cutting a watermelon into thin, long fry-shaped pieces. Be sure to leave rind on the end if possible. Next, combine vanilla yogurt, lime zest and pink Himalayan salt for a tasty dip. Repeat all summer long for a mountain of "fries" you don't have to feel guilty about.

Watermelon Cut into Fry Shape is Dipped in White Dip

A Watermelon Fry is Dipped into Vanilla Yoghurt Dip

Watermelon has been cut up into french-fry shapes is dipped into a white dip. The dip consists of vanilla yoghurt, lime zest and pink Himalayan salt.

Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Watermelon Cake

Trim a watermelon down until it is a cylinder that can sit upright. Mix 8 ounces of cream cheese with 16 ounces of marshmallow fluff and, after patting the watermelon dry, coat it with the mixture. Decoratively top the “cake” with assorted berries for a beautiful summertime treat!

A Watermelon Cake With a Slice Cut Out and Berries On Top

A Cake is Cut Open to Reveal a Watermelon Inside

This beautiful white cake is actually a watermelon with homemade frosting on top. The frosting is white and covered with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Watermelon Pizza

When cutting your next watermelon, save the middle cross cut and set it aside. Lay the piece down flat and pat it dry. Spread soft goat cheese across the surface and top it with prosciutto, basil and a balsamic vinegar drizzle. It may sound a bit different, but trust us, this savory take on watermelon is oh-so-delicious!

A Watermelon Pizza Topped With Goat Cheese and Proscuitto

A Pizza Made of Watermelon With Goat Cheese Spread

This pizza is actually a watermelon with pizza toppings. Goat cheese and proscuitto are a salty contrast to the juicy sweetness of the watermelon.

Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Watermelon Salsa

Make a quick, easy and refreshing salsa by dicing up watermelon and mango and combining in a bowl. Finish it off by mixing in some diced red onion, green peppers, lime juice, cilantro and salt. Serve alongside blue corn chips for a beautifully seasonal appetizer.

A Mango Salsa With Watermelon Instead of Tomatoes

A Watermelon Mango Salsa With No Tomatoes

This salsa may appear like a normal salsa, but the tomatoes are actually pieces of watermelon and the diced yellow mango adds to the fruitiness. Red onion, green pepper and cilantro bring the dish home.

Watermelon Slush

Cut the end off of a watermelon and scoop out the flesh. Cut the fruit into cubes, arrange on a baking sheet, and place them into the freezer. Once frozen, combine watermelon, 1/4-cup water, 1 tablespoon of lime juice, 1 tablespoon of honey and ten mint leaves in a blender and blend away. Pour the slush back into the watermelon rind and garnish with a mint leaf for sweet, minty bliss.

A Watermelon Used as a Cup Has Watermelon Slush Inside

A Woman Sips a Watermelon Slush out of a Watermelon

A hollowed-out watermelon rind is filled with a watermelon slush made from the fruit inside and garnished with mint leaves. A woman sips out of the watermelon using a straw.

Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

Chocolate-Dipped Watermelon

Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut 1-inch thick pieces of watermelon. Put each heart on a popsicle stick. Complete this fun treat by dipping half of the heart into melted white chocolate and topping with sprinkles.

A  White Chocolate-Dipped Watermelon With Green Sprinkles

A Woman Holding a Chocolate-Dipped Watermelon on a Stick

A woman holds a heart-shaped piece of watermelon on a stick. The watermelon is dipped in white chocolate and has green sprinkles garnishing the chocolate.

Photo by: Cassidy Garcia

Cassidy Garcia

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