13 Chic and Spooky Halloween Ideas

Thirteen is definitely a lucky number when it comes to these cool Halloween crafts, party ideas, pumpkin-carving tips and recipes.

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Ruth Meharg

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ruth Meharg

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Photo By: Courtesy of Ruth Meharg

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Ruth Meharg

Great Gorgeous Gourds! A Pumpkin Carving Primer

Leave your neighbors in the dust with your superior carving skills. Try these tips for carving your pumpkins this Halloween. And then check out this gallery of carving inspiration.

Get Your Fright On: Create a Spooky Centerpiece

Use a mix of store bought items and decor you already have on hand to create a unique Halloween tablescape incorporating garden elements. Get more ideas on how to rev up your dining room decor here.

The Coolest Pumpkin in Town

Make a mod swirly pumpkin and class up your Halloween table by following these quick, pumpkin-crafting steps.

All in the (Pumpkin) Family

Think those stick-figure family car decals are the only way to celebrate your enormous brood? Think again. Commemorate your clan by painting fun silhouettes on your pumpkins this year.

Go Gnome or Go Home!

There's more to life than action heroes and pop stars. Impose your garden-love on your unsuspecting children. With very little money and effort you can whip up an adorable garden-themed Halloween costume for the kiddies.

Classic Caramel Apples

Dental work be damned! Try this delicious, classic recipe for homemade caramel apples.

A He-Man Halloween Wreath

Create a chic Halloween wreath using a tow rope from the home improvement store. Click for instructions on making this clever craft. Better still: if you need to tow something heavy, man-up and head for the front door!

Every Dentist's Friend: Homemade Candy Apples

Don't let those dental bills keep you from indulging this Halloween rite of passage: sugar and more sugar! Bring more sweetness to your holiday with this recipe for DIY candy apples.

Now That's a Pumpkin

Don't go the traditional orange pumpkin route this Halloween. Find yourself a heirloom and discover the remarkable—often bizarre—variety out there.

Knife Skills: Carving Patterns to Download

There's more than one way to carve a pumpkin with these artful carving templates. See more designs for skin-crawling scariness and for sinister and silly faces.

Quoth the Raven: Care for Some Candy?

Add a bit of macabre ambiance to your Halloween party with this Edgar Allan Poe or Alfred Hitchcock-worthy raven's nest candy dish.

Halloween Party Decor Ideas

Create a fun Halloween party tablecloth and other spooky party decor with these tips.

Create a Spooky Centerpiece

Keep it classy and follow this fun gallery to create an elegantly eerie Halloween-ready centerpiece.

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