18 Thoughtful Gift Baskets for (Almost!) Everyone on Your Holiday List

From fireside entertaining to stocking the bar, check out these quick, easy and personable holiday gift packages for almost everyone on your list.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer ©Ten22 Studio

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer ©Ten22 Studio

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer ©Ten22 Studio

Photo By: Hortus Ltd./Mark Fonville

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer ©Ten22 Studio

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If They Love ... Coffee

Keep your coffee-obsessed friends stocked with a tray full of caffeinated must-haves. A French press, grinder, flavored sweeteners and gourmet grounds are the perfect morning kickstart.

If They Love ... Coffee

Go the extra mile and include a glass jar packed with breath mints. Stick with a variety of flavors to appeal to any palate.

If They Love ... Mixing Cocktails

For that friend who loves to entertain, give them a gift that's all about serving in style. Combine cocktail essentials with a bottle of bubbly and an ice bucket, then present it all on a statement-making serving tray.

If They Love ... Mixing Cocktails

When creating your mixologist's package, create a look that's all about the mix. Layer different metallic finishes so they can easily blend their newly gifted elements in with those which they already own.

If They Love ... Mixing Cocktails

Keep all of your serving essentials unboxed and unbagged, yet make them festive with a simple, oversized ribbon placed on top.

If They Love ... Lounging Fireside

Looking for a gift to fit just about anyone? Stick with hot cocoa and s'mores ingredients presented in a classic, wooden carrier complete with seasonal candles.

If They Love ... Lounging Fireside

As you add ingredients to each Mason jar, allow for some breathing room by keeping each jar approximately 2/3 full, depending on the necessary measurements for each ingredient.

If They Love ... Lounging Fireside

Personalize your gift with handwritten tags attached to the Mason jars with chalkboard lids. Create chalkboard lids yourself by adding two coats of chalkboard paint to the center of the lid using a detail brush. Allow a full day's drying time before adding words with chalk.

If They Love ... Being a #BossLady

This workspace essentials package is perfect for your work BFF who's dedicated to their desktop. Fill a serving tray with a small succulent, zen accessories, and coffee and tea supplies.

If They Love ... Being a #BossLady

Everyone needs a middle-of-the-day sugar boost! Fill a glass canister with colorful candy, and don't forget to include a stylish scoop.

If They Love ... Their Four-Legged Friend

Make trips to the dog park more fun with a doggie essentials gift package. Fill a dog bowl with classic toys, treats and a portable food and water bottle for Fido that can stay in the car.

If They Love ... Their Four-Legged Friend

When choosing doggie bowls for your pet package, stick with metal or plastic options to ensure no chips, cracks or breaks after active trips to the dog park.

If They Love ... Their Four-Legged Friend

While squeaky toys can be specific to breeds and ages, tennis balls appeal to all dogs. Available in different colors, choose hues which work well with the package's color scheme.

If They Love ... Tea

This tray is perfect for any tea lover. Start with a nice tray and fill with favorite tea flavors. A classic ceramic tea set is a beautiful addition to this gift idea. Don't forget to add honey, sugar and cream along with treats perfect for an afternoon tea. Add a tea towel and a simple holiday gift tag for a decorative touch.

If They Love ... Wine

This gift is brimming with an assortment of wine accessories and, of course, a favorite bottle of wine. Add pretty stemware, a wine pourer, wine charms and a unique wine stopper to complete the basket.

If They Love ... Hot Chocolate

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a mug of steamy hot chocolate? Whether it's to warm up after a day of winter activities or to take along as you view the holiday lights, hot chocolate is a holiday must. Mugs, paper to-go cups, yummy varieties of hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy canes and stir sticks are perfect items to include in this gift basket.

If They Love ... Mulled Wine

Giving a bottle of wine as a gift is a no-fail. Add your own personal touch with a mulled cider seasoning pack and you'll have a guaranteed hit.

If They Love ... Fresh-Baked Goods

Help friends avoid any last-minute entertaining fiascoes with a thoughtful dry goods dessert basket. Gather an assortment of finger food-style desserts, then present them in clear bags and glass containers. Should extra guests show up to holiday gatherings, the recipient will have more than enough dessert options to end the night in good spirits.

If They Love ... Baking Cookies

Baking cookies is always a fun holiday tradition. Make it easy for friends and neighbors by giving them a basket full of everything they need to make cookies at home. Include your favorite cookie dough flavors (no need to share your secret recipe), cookie cutters, holiday sprinkles, a cookie scoop and baking essentials like a cookie sheet, cooling rack, spatula and oven mitt. Place all items in a cute mixing bowl and add a bow.

If They Love ... Movie Nights

Create a fun stay-at-home movie night by filling a basket with sweets and snacks to munch on during the flick. A similar idea can be created for a movie night out on the town by filling the basket with gift cards and small, purse-sized snacks.

If They Love ... Breakfast

Breakfast never looked so good. Help family and friends get the holidays — and their mornings — off to the right start with a pound cake that's fresh out of the oven, a jar full of seasonal preserves and a bag of savory coffee.

If They Love ... Flapjacks

Give the gift of fluffy flapjacks by filling a basket with chef-quality ingredients certain to take brunch to the next level. Place the pancake mix along the bottom of the basket, then use condiments, spoons and spatulas to decorate the top.

If They Love ... Cheese

Gift the cheese connoisseur in your life with a slate or marble cheese board and a collection of nibbles such as meats, cheeses and cheese markers, olives, jams or spreads and fresh rosemary sprigs presented in a vintage, wooden cheese box.

If They Love ... At-Home Spa Days

For your mom, or a mom-to-be, put together a pamper kit to help her relax and to show her you care. This is an especially great gift for an expectant mom in her final weeks of pregnancy or first months of motherhood. Fill a basket with a plush towel, waffle-knit slippers, exfoliating soap, shower brush, scented candle, body butters and bath soaks.

If They Love ... Home Renos

Do you have a friend or family member who's addicted to home renovation? Create a do-it-yourselfer gift basket filled with a mix of vintage-inspired tools and gadgets, along with protein- and carb-filled foods to keep them motivated through their next project. For a tough, industrial look, choose baskets made of mesh, chicken wire or galvanized metal.

If They Love ... Cooking

A kitchen essentials gift basket is a classic choice for homeowners spending their first holiday season in a new home. Make it as practical as it is stylish by outfitting the basket with basics every homeowner is sure to need. In addition to tools and gadgets, mix in a few pantry essentials such as spices or gourmet condiments.