Time's Ticking! Make This Chic, Gold-Leaf Concrete Clock

Ditch that outdated wall clock and make a stylish statement with an easy-to-create, concrete timepiece.

Who knew making your own clock could be so easy? With an inexpensive clock kit and some quick-set cement, you’re only a few steps away from a dreamy, functional decor piece.

Materials Needed

  • dollar store dog bowl
  • tape
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • quick-set cement
  • water
  • measuring cup
  • spatula
  • rubber gloves
  • silicone tart mold
  • small wooden dowel
  • sanding block
  • gold leaf
  • glue
  • small artist brush
  • clock kit

Prep + Pour Concrete

Begin by taping off a small section at the bottom of a dog bowl, creating a flat bottom for the mold with cardboard. Fill the mold with five cups of quick-set cement, shake to level and then add approximately one cup of water. Using a spatula, thoroughly mix the cement until smooth. Allow the mixture to sit for five minutes and then firmly press a silicon tart mold (also known as a quiche mold) into the center of the cement.

Carve Out Space for Clock Kit

After three minutes, remove the tart mold and insert a small wooden dowel at the center of the mold imprint. Smooth the edges of the imprint and, after three to five minutes, remove the dowel. Allow the cement to fully dry.

Sand + Style

Remove the dried cement piece from the mold and use scissors to lightly break a hole through the dowel imprint. Sand all the edges with a sanding block until smooth. Once all surfaces are smooth and the dust has been wiped away, paint glue in an artistic pattern over the surface using a small artist brush. Add gold leaf, tamping with a sponge brush to ensure adhesion. Let dry.

Assemble Clock Kit

Place the battery and clock motor on the back of the concrete mold, inside the quiche mold imprint and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the hands of the clock. Voila! The cement clock is now complete. Set on a styled shelf or place the timepiece on your desk for a fashion-forward way to keep you running right on time.

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