Closet Doors: Design Ideas and Options

Highlight or hide the contents of your closet with the right closet doors.

Movable Wardrobe Doors

Movable Wardrobe Doors

Photo courtesy California Closets

Photo courtesy California Closets

By: Jennifer Crutchfield
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Does your room need a quick design refresher? Try updating the closet doors. The wide variety of options gives many decorating possibilities. Pocket doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, mirrored doors, louvered doors, screens and curtains are available in a wide array of materials and price ranges.

12 Steps To Your Dream Closet

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Take Inventory of Your Closet

Lisa Adams, CEO of LA Closet Design Company, knows what it takes to transform your closet into a space you'll actually want to spend time in. She suggests going through your closet and taking inventory of all the items as the first step. Once you know what you want to keep, separate them into categories to help you organize them in the best way possible.

Use as Much Space as Possible

"The best way to maximize space in a closet is to effectively use the corner, depth and height spaces in a closet," Lisa says. Make sure you have access to all these spaces by incorporating pull-down rods or pullout shelves. In corners, consider a carousel or a custom corner hanging rod so you are using every square inch of space possible.

Add Some Pullout Hooks

Use hooks to organize clothing and handbags. Many people don't think to add hooks to their closet rods because they can take up too much room, but Lisa considers them a must-have for any closet. "They are essential for packing and getting dressed" and will save you unexpected space, she says.

Hang Plenty of Mirrors

If your walk-in closet doesn't have much space, Lisa recommends designating a wardrobe space in your bedroom instead so you have more room for storage in your closet. Add mirrors wherever you can to create the illusion of a larger space.

Add Personal Touches

Make your closet into a space you want to spend time in by decorating with personal items. "This is an opportunity to include your favorite designer books, photos, paintings, etc.," Lisa says. Bringing in an oversized chair and installing carpet gives the space a relaxed, comforting feel.

Install Wallpaper on an Accent Wall

Lisa uses wallpaper in closets on an accent wall and keeps to subtle prints so it won't appear too overwhelming. Install it on a wall with a window so the natural light highlights the details.

Use Combination Storage

To store shoes, Lisa uses a combination of storage options, including boot rods, flat shelves for most shoe types and angled shelves for heels. Use pullout shoe shelving if you have depth in your closet.

Maximize Your Space With Pullout Rods

A pullout rod is one of the best ways to get the most out of your space because it uses as much square footage as possible. It allows your items to be easily accessible without taking up too much space.

Choose the Best Lighting

Many people only think to add lighting through a lamp or pendant light, but there are several ways to bring it in, such as LED lights in hanging rods. "With lights built directly into the hanging rods, it allows you to see every piece of garment hanging," Lisa says.

Separate Your Jewelry With Inserts

To store your jewelry, place loose items in decorative pottery, and purchase drawer inserts to help you organize and separate all of your pieces. "Create space for every item — that way, everything has its place and it's much easier to stay organized," Lisa says.

Incorporate Some Color

Bringing color into your closet will not only breathe life into the space, but it will make it feel like every other room in the home — instead of just a storage area. Tie in colors from the bedroom through decorative pieces like a comfortable chair, flowers or lighting, Lisa suggests.

Use Cabinetry Where You Can

"Most people only consider adding cabinetry to the perimeter of the closet," Lisa says. "By adding a full height peninsula, you are creating more wall space for storage." Install glass doors to the cabinets to give the space a boutique-style look while making the space appear larger.

You can highlight or hide the contents of the closet. Or let the doors become an extension of the design itself, like the one in the photo above.

Whether you plan to repair, replace or are starting from scratch, the options can be tailored to maximize your design, comfort and style.

Closet doors can also provide valuable space for storage and organization. Hang a metal shoe rack over the door, or choose one with plastic sleeves, and tuck scarves inside for easy access.

Installing most types of closet doors is easy. It requires only basic tools and is an affordable, fast way to update a room.

Closet Design Ideas

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