Making Patio Repairs

Once you've built your patio, make sure you keep it as good as new by learning how to make repairs.


Photo courtesy of Landscape Network

Photo courtesy of Landscape Network
By: Peter Walsh

If you notice any broken or cracked natural stones and pavers, you can replace them by removing the old material and exchanging with a new piece. This only works on patios that do not have stones mortared in place.

Simply pry out the old piece using a screwdriver or pry bar. Even out the surface and tamp it down firmly. Place a new stone or paver in place and fill in with clean sand around the edges.

Wet the area with water and fill in with more sand if needed. "Sweep in the sand between the joints and make sure to lift and reset it to prevent a tripping hazard," says Robert Welsch, landscape designer, Westover Landscape Design.

To repair cracks in concrete patios, remove loose pieces and use a garden hose to wash away dirt and dust. Soak the area with water several times over a few hours to saturate the concrete. Fill small cracks that are up to about 1/8-inch wide with a runny mix of cement and liquid bonding additive available at most home stores.

You could also use a pre-mixed epoxy patching compound again, available at most home stores and masonry supply stores. Force the material into the crack using a flat edged putty knife. Using a trowel, smooth over the surface until it is level with the surrounding surface.

Keep the patched area damp for a few days until it hardens or cures by placing a sheet of plastic over the area or mist it with water a few times per day. For larger cracks, chips or severely broken concrete, call in a professional to make the repairs.

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