How to Make a Snowy Sunburst Winter Wreath

Frosty is fabulous with this DIY winter wreath that you can craft for Christmas, then leave up till spring's arrival.

December 11, 2019

Photo by: Brittney Gazaway; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Brittney Gazaway; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Materials Needed

  • grapevine sunburst wreath
  • faux lamb’s ear
  • faux flocked evergreen branches with white berries
  • golden faux greenery picks
  • wire cutters or heavy-duty shears
  • 2 foam spheres
  • chunky white yarn
  • jumbo brass jingle bells
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • blue wired ribbon or readymade bow
  • fabric scissors
  • fine-gauge wire (or electrical ties)

Add Flocked Greenery

Using wire cutters or heavy-duty shears, cut faux flocked branches into 10”-12” sections. Add a dab of hot glue to each branch's end (Image 1), then following the wreath's sunburst shape, slide the greenery's end between twists in the grapevine (Image 2). Continue adding greenery to the wreath till it's covered, leaving a bit of grapevine visible between each faux evergreen section.

Add Lamb’s Ear

Create textural contrast with faux lamb’s ear. Cut the faux greenery stems into small sections, add hot glue to the end of each section, then add to wreath, sliding the stem's end into the grapevine (Image 1). Work your way around the wreath, tucking the lamb's ear stems into the areas between the flocked greenery (Image 2).

Add Golden Greenery

For added sparkle, hot-glue a golden greenery pick between each bunch of lamb's ear.

Photo by: Brittney Gazaway

Brittney Gazaway

Create Two Snowballs

Add a drop of hot glue to the foam sphere, then press and hold the yarn’s end into the glue to secure it. Wrap yarn around foam in a crisscross fashion (Image 2). Continue wrapping till foam is completely covered with yarn. Cut off excess, then secure the yarn's end with hot glue (Image 3).

Add Wire to Bells

Slide a section of wire (or electrical tie) through the tabbed end of the brass bell and twist to secure it. Repeat for the remaining bells. We added three bells but you can add as many or few as you'd like. Tip: Wiring the bells, instead of gluing them on, allows them to jingle when the door is opened and closed.

Photo by: Brittney Gazaway

Brittney Gazaway

Attach Snowballs and Bells

First, determine placement for the bells and snowballs. Using hot glue, attach the two snowballs to the center bottom of the wreath (Image 1). Then, attach the bells by looping the wire around the wreath form (Image 2), twisting to secure it in the back (Image 3).

Create and Add Bow

Using wired ribbon, tie into a standard bow. Add a designer touch by swallow-tailing the ends — just fold the ribbon's ends in half, then cut at an angle, toward the center (Image 1). Attach the bow to the wreath with hot glue (Image 2), then fold the ribbon's ends to create a pretty, flowing shape (Image 3).

Display All Winter Long

Use a wreath hanger or nail to display your completed wreath either indoors or out (Image 1). The wreath's cool color palette (Image 2) and bit of sparkle (Image 3) will freshen up your holiday decor while the snowy details give it a wintry look that you can leave up all season long (Image 4).

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