How to Build a Fur-tastic Dog Washing Station

Raise your paw if you think your pup deserves his own personal outdoor shower!

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DIY Outdoor Doggie Shower
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Summer with pups means more time outside to play, dig and roll in the dirt. It also means more showers for your messy furball. Sure, you could always take them to the groomer every single time they need a good cleaning, but who has the money or time for that? Instead, take matters into your own hands by installing a dog washing station right outside your home. Goodbye, muddy paws!

Install Trellis

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

First, find the perfect spot near your house. Look for an area that isn’t prone to puddling and is somewhat close to your water spigot. Next, place two trellises in the ground against the house, and safely secure to the wall.

Mark Border and Dig

Use stakes and string to mark off the border before you start digging. To ensure everything is straight, use a measuring tape and a square as you go. Once the area has been properly marked off, use an edger to establish the edge, then use a shovel to dig down around two to three inches deep.

Add Border and Rock

After you've added the border, fill the inside with pea gravel to help with drainage. Once you’ve fully covered the dirt, top the pea gravel off with river rock.

Pro Tip: If you want to prevent future weed problems, line the bottom of the dirt area with a weed-blocking material before putting the border and rocks in.


Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

To finish it all off, we used adorable dog bone hooks to both connect the trellises and hang a hose and leash from. Use an s-hook and a bucket to hold all your shampoos and brushes and drape a towel over the trellis for an incredibly easy and fun shower experience!

Owner Dries Their Dog Off Beside Trellis of Dog Washing Station

Owner Giving Their Dog a Bath in Dog Washing Station

An owner bends down to dry a dog off after bathing in a DIY dog washing station. The station is comprised of trellis against the house, river rock on the ground and a stone border around the rock.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

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