6 Lighting Tips That'll Save You Money

Consider these lighting and bulb tips for each room as they have a big impact on your home's comfort level.

Courtesy of Philips


Try EcoVantage light bulbs for beautifully soft yet functional lighting that can save you money by using less energy.

Try EcoVantage light bulbs for beautifully soft yet functional lighting that can save you money by using less energy.

Reduce TV-Viewing Contrast

Reduce the contrast between the bright TV screen and surrounding darkness by positioning a lamp near the television, shaded from the viewer's eyes and positioned so as not to reflect on the screen.

Light at the Right Height

Reading requires lighting that comes from behind the reader's shoulder. Place a lamp at the right or left of the reading chair. The bottom of the shade should be located at eye level to avoid glare.

Use Flattering Light in Living Spaces

In living spaces with warm colors and natural wood finishes, choose a soft white light bulb. Replace standard incandescent ones and your home will look great while you save money.

Set the Stage With Clear Bulbs

You put a lot into entertaining. Use clear bulbs in crystal or glass chandeliers to enhance dinnerware and add sparkle.

Eliminate Shadows in the Bathroom

To ensure the best light for shaving and applying makeup, eliminate shadows on your face by positioning light fixtures at face level on both sides of the mirror (not from above). Use a white bulb to prevent glare.

Install Task Lighting With a Dramatic Touch

Add under-cabinet lighting to ensure adequate light for tasks. Locate fixture near the front edge of cabinet to avoid bright spots on the wall. When entertaining, create a dramatic look by turning on only the under-cabinet lights. Try Philips Ambient LED MR16s or Capsules for white accent light, reduced energy consumption and extreme long life.

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