How to Make Glittered Mason Jar Lanterns

Craft your own sparkling holiday lanterns on the cheap! Glitter, glue and an empty glass jar are all you need.
Decorative Glittered Mason Jars

Decorative Glittered Mason Jars

Glittered mason jars create a stunning visual effect with the silver during the holiday season.

Photo by: Marian Parsons

Marian Parsons

Materials Needed:

clean, empty glass jars
clear glue
1" flat artist's brush
pillar or flameless candles  

Apply Glue to Jars

Use a 1" flat artist's brush to apply clear glue to the inside of the jar. Brush the glue on heavier towards the bottom of the jar and lighter towards the top. Feather edges of the glue towards the top and leave about 1/4 of the top of jar free of glue.

Apply Glue to Jars

Apply Glue to Jars

Use a 1' flat artist brush to apply clear glue to the inside of the jar. Brush the glue on heavier towards the bottom of the jar and lighter towards the top. Feather edges of the glue toward the top and leave about 3/4 of the top of jar free of glue.

Photo by: Marian Parsons

Marian Parsons

Apply Glitter to Glue

Immediately sprinkle glitter onto wet glue using a spoon (Image 1). Roll jar around to allow glitter to coat all of the areas where glue was applied (Image 2). Pour excess glitter back into container to be reused.

Insert Candle

When ready to use lanterns, insert candles and light. Use outdoors, only in dry/clear weather. Never leave a candle unattended. Tip: To use jars for another purpose, simple soak in water to remove the glue and glitter.

Mason Jars-Glittered Decor

Mason Jars-Glittered Decor

Glittered mason jars are a versatile mainstay during the holiday season. They are a simple project that offers a lot of glittery fun.

Photo by: Marian Parsons

Marian Parsons

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