A Contemporary Space in a Traditional Home

April 18, 2019

Old Bones, New Guts

One of the cool things about this project was that Leanne and Steve have worked with the homeowners before. Drew and Janine are professional glass blowers in Pittsburgh and actually created custom light fixtures that were featured in another episode of Restored by the Fords. With a budget of $70K, Drew and Janine asked the Fords to update their first floor.

Drew and Janine were really happy to finally find the right house for their family. Although they loved the space, they didn't love the style — until Leanne and Steve had their way with it!


The Fords wanted to give Janine and Drew a much grander entrance than what they had previously. So they lightened it up with paint and to really transform it, made the stairs black with paint and carpeting. Not pictured: the really cool sculpture light the homeowners created for this space.

Living Room

The changes to the living room were mostly cosmetic: fresh paint and stained floors. However, the fireplace was something that Leanne wanted to shine. In order to make it a focal point, she removed the mantel and updated it with wooden slats and metal inserts. Fun fact: the three sculptures on the coffee table were made by Drew and Janine and served as Leanne’s inspiration for the entire design.


The new kitchen is actually where the dining room used to be. Leanne decided to make this adjustment because the dining room was the largest room downstairs. With the kitchen in a bigger space, Leanne was able to give Janine and Drew an island. You’ll also notice that the fireplace in here got the same modern treatment as the one in the living room.


In the kitchen, Leanne used sleek black cabinetry. She incorporated white slate countertops for contrast and butcher block on the island for warmth.

Light Fixture

As mentioned, Janine and Drew are professional glass blowers and own Vessel Studio in Pittsburgh. Here’s a better look at one of the light fixtures they created for their home!

Art Room

Because the homeowners are artists, Leanne wanted to give them a dining space they could use not just for eating, but also for creating.

Art Room

The new dining nook/art room offers plenty of storage and a really fun gallery wall featuring art by Janine and Drew’s kids.

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