Boho Farmhouse Magic

Homeowners Brian and Shannon decided to leave the city for the country when they purchased a farmhouse. With a budget of $75K, Leanne and Steve meshed the old with the new and got this old house ready for a young family.

An Old House for a Young Family

Brian and Shannon Rinaman decided to leave the city for the country — and in doing so, purchased a gorgeous farmhouse-style home. The house was already charming with lots of natural light, but it was in need of some updating. With a budget of $75K, Leanne and Steve renovated the first floor, finding a way to make an old house work for a young family.


A large portion of the righthand side of the kitchen used to be a powder room. By removing it, Leanne and Steve were able to create a bigger kitchen with more storage. The cabinets are shaker style and made from hickory, while the countertops are a gorgeous white marble.


Where the kitchen sink sits now was actually where the powder room sink once was! With the powder room out of the way, Leanne was able to move the kitchen sink in front of the window.

Kitchen Ceiling

While demoing the kitchen, Leanne and Steve uncovered a gorgeous ceiling that they decided to leave exposed. A ceiling like this one is a great way to incorporate interest and texture into a space.

Kitchen Nook

Because of the low windows, Leanne and Steve weren’t able to continue the cabinetry in this direction. Instead, they put in a matching bench seat and a little bistro table creating the dreamiest little kitchen nook.

Kitchen Island

One of the ways Leanne stayed true to the age of the house was by incorporating vintage elements like this piece she used as a kitchen island.

Living Room

A great thing about the farmhouse was that it was already in pretty good shape. The floors were perfect, the rooms were open, and there was already a ton of light pouring in. To really brighten it, Leanne and Steve applied a fresh coat of "yummy" white and added chair rail and bead board for vintage touches.

Dining Room

Similar to the living room, all the dining room really needed was a fresh coat of paint. For warmth, Leanne brought in rugs and wooden elements.


The fireplace and surrounding cabinets got the Leanne Ford white paint treatment. As for the hearth, Leanne and Steve replaced the tile with the same marble they used in the kitchen.


The biggest different in the entryway was that it got a little smaller! To make room for a bigger kitchen, Leanne and Steve moved the powder room to the entryway where there was plenty of unused space.

Powder Room

By request, the new powder room off of the entryway is a dark color — Leanne chose a very deep green for a traditional yet modern look. The true highlight of the powder room is the old medicine cabinet that Leanne had turned into a sink/vanity.

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