A High School Reunion Renovation

Leanne and Steve renovate a former high school classmate's Victorian home.

April 11, 2019

High School Reunion Renovation

Homeowners Kelly and Greg had just moved back to Pittsburgh and bought a place right outside of the city. For the most part, they liked the house and all of the little Victorian details. However, the kitchen needed a lot of work and the home was in need of some updating — which is where Leanne and Steve came in! Turns out, The Fords grew up on the same street as Greg. He and Leanne were in the same high school class, so the pressure was on for The Fords to get this renovation right!

Entryway, Before

The original front entrance and staircase.

Entryway, After

New paint, new floors and that’s about it! As opposed to the usual bright white, Leanne chose a warmer, creamier white for the walls creating a subtle contrast with the home’s beautiful trim.

Family Room, Before

The original family room.

Kitchen, After

The originally floor plan in the home was a bit maze-like in that you had to walk through several rooms before finally reaching the kitchen. Not anymore, though! What was the original living room became Greg and Kelly’s new kitchen.

Kitchen, After

Leanne chose marble countertops for an elevated, traditional look.

Kitchen, After

The original windows were something Greg and Kelly loved about their home when they bought it — and it's easy to see why! With the new farmhouse sink in front of them, these unique windows become a great focal point in the kitchen.

Dining Room, Before

The original house had two dining rooms: one formal and one... less formal! This is the latter of the two.

Dining Room, After

Leanne and Steve said goodbye to the wall that was separating the original living room and dining room in order to really open up the kitchen and dining area. As you can see the cabinetry, including the stovetop extends into the new dining room.

Dining Room, After

Kelly and Greg really loved the built in China cabinet that was originally in their formal dining room. In order to save it, Leanne and Steve repurposed and gave it a fresh coat of paint in the new dining area.

Kitchen, Before

The original kitchen was built as an addition around 30 years ago. Besides being dated, it’s position in the back of the house wasn’t really convenient.

Family Room, After

Turns out, the old kitchen makes a much better family room! The true focal point in here are the gorgeous vintage doors that open up to the new outdoor space.

Kitchen, Before

Another angle of the original kitchen.

Family Room, After

Leanne and Steve put up beams to highlight the vaulted ceiling and incorporated warehouse lighting for a modern touch.

Formal Dining Room, Before

The original formal dinning room.

Mudroom, After

Who needs two dining rooms when you can have a mudroom? Leanne felt it was more appropriate to give Greg and Kelly a catch-all room with seating, benches, storage, laundry, and even a little bar area!

Mudroom, After

The original formal dining room happened to have the really unique feature of a dumbwaiter. Leanne and Steve chose to utilize it as a mini bar.

Backyard, Before

Greg and Kelly’s original backyard.

Backyard, After

Those gorgeous family room doors had to open up to something equally as gorgeous! Greg and Kelly now have a beautiful deck and great outdoor entertaining space.

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