A Childhood Home Updated

James bought this house off his parents only a few years ago. He and his wife Rachel attempted to fix it up themselves, but eventually decided it was a better job for Leanne and Steve! Staying true to the 1919 Tudor, the Fords made sure to keep the integrity of the home while making the interior lighter, brighter and more current.

Let There Be Light

After several attempts at updating their home, James and Rachel finally brought Leanne and Steve in to finish the job. James’ actually grew up in the house and only bought it off his parents a few years ago. However, it still very much looked his parents’ house and not his and Rachel’s. With a budget of $85K and 8 weeks, Leanne and Steve lightened and brightened the home while staying true to the 1919 Tudor style.

Entryway, After

One of the first things The Fords tackled was the entryway. With a fresh coat of paint and some rustic and mid-century touches, the entryway was transformed into a more welcoming space.

Living Room, After

As with the entryway, what the living room needed most was a fresh coat of paint to brighten it up. Throughout the space, Leanne used a creamy white on the walls and a bright white for the trim. She removed the curtains covering the gorgeous windows and created privacy by planting tall shrubbery in front of them. For furniture she brought in mid-century modern and rustic touches to please James and Rachel’s different tastes.

Fireplace, After

Leanne and Steve also updated the fireplace with a fresh coat of black paint and gave it the ol’ tile treatment. On either side of the fireplace, Leanne also incorporated the same outdoor sconces she used in the entryway for a rustic feel.

Kitchen, After

For the kitchen, Leanne wanted it to be true to the style of the home but with modern amenities. She landed on white cabinetry on one side and a gorgeous blue on the other. For the countertops and floors, Leanne and Steve used marble for a very fancy, very classic feel.

Kitchen, After

The juxtaposition of the newer elements with dark blue cabinetry creates an old world-feel in this kitchen. The blue also happens to look great with the marble countertops and backsplash.

Breakfast Nook, After

As with the rest of the house, the goal in the kitchen nook was to lighten and brighten it up in there. Leanne and Steve said goodbye to the dated wallpaper and lighting fixtures, and updated the space with fresh paint, new sconces, and an adorable bench.

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