Restored by the Fords: A Big Renovation for a Big Brownstone

Homeowners Chad and Anthony had two asks for Leanne and Steve: 1. To give them a larger kitchen and 2. To put in a bathroom on the first floor. After running into several issues, including some seriously antiquated wiring, the Fords got the job done!

March 27, 2019

Two Apartments Become One Happy Home

Chad and Anthony’s home was interesting in that it had actually been split into two separate apartments. By reattaching the apartments into a single home, Leanne and Steve were able to meet the homeowners’ needs: bigger kitchen and a powder room downstairs.

The Original Kitchen

The original kitchen was very tiny, very closed off, and not nearly big enough for Chad and Anthony's impromptu dance parties.

A New Entrance Into The New Kitchen

What was the kitchen, is now a hallway that opens up to the new galley kitchen.

Powder Room

In the newly-created hallway space, Leanne and Steve were able to add a powder room with gorgeous French doors.

Anything Can Be A Sink

Leanne Ford once said that "anything can be a sink" and in this case, that anything was a vintage garden planter. Copper piping was also exposed here, to add another special touch!

The Original Detached Apartment

There wasn't much going on in the detached apartment behind Chad and Anthony's home.

Hello New Kitchen

By reattaching the back apartment, Leanne and Steve were able to give Chad and Anthony a long, skinny galley kitchen with some seriously gorgeous features. The Fords exposed and limewashed the original brick walls and on the drywall portions, they added a layer of Roman clay for texture.

The Island

Here’s another view of the kitchen and its giant island!

New Floor

A close-up look at the new salvaged floor that Leanne found and Steve sanded down to the original wood.

The Details

Handmade plates and bowls that Leanne and Steve got special for the homeowners.

Sitting Room

A cute little sitting room off of the updated kitchen.

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