Restored by the Fords: Victorian Frill but Make it Modern

Homeowners January and Michael were in desperate need of finding a way to balance both their styles: January likes doilies and Michael... not so much. With Leanne and Steve’s help, their beautiful home got the modern updates it deserved without losing its Victorian charm.

March 27, 2019

Honoring the History While Updating the Home

January and Michael’s gorgeous Victorian home was built by a ship captain in the late 1800s. The homeowners brought in Leanne and Steve to modernize the space a bit — especially in the kitchen, which was updated in the '80s. With a 75K budget, The Fords toned down the Victorian frill and added some modern touches while still honoring the home’s history.

Foyer, Before

With already gorgeous floors and woodwork, there wasn't much to do in the foyer.

Foyer, After

Everything in this room was kept clean and simple in order to make the wood a focal point. Leanne painted a fainting couch with white canvas paint so that Michael and January's kids could draw all over it!

Dining Room, Before

The original dining room was actually the biggest room downstairs, which to Leanne and Steve was a sign it should actually be the family room.

Dining Room, After

The new family room allowed for a large couch and made the big, beautiful window the focal point of the room.

Floral Decoupage

To keep some of that Victorian charm, Leanne decorated the wall with decoupage from floral wallpaper.

Living Room, Before

Similar to the foyer, the living room was already fitted with a quaint fireplace and pretty woodwork.

Living Room, After

All that was needed here was some fresh paint and some modern furniture!

Parlor, After

There's no 'before' photo of the parlor, but just imagine a dark sitting room with some very floral, very Victorian wallpaper. Leanne and Steve turned it into a dining room and opened up the walls to create a simpler flow to and from the kitchen.

Kitchen, Before

If you’re wondering why the kitchen looks completely different than the rest of the house, it’s because it was actually updated in the '80s.

Kitchen, After

The kitchen required the most work of everything, and boy, Leanne and Steve went to work in here! The new kitchen features a quartz island with handblown glass lighting above, butcher block countertops, and gorgeous penny tile flooring.

Kitchen, After

Another look at the black and white kitchen with some adorable pink stools!

Custom Lighting

Leanne and Steve commissioned artists from a local glass studio in Pittsburgh to create these custom sculpture lights.

Powder Room, Before

Besides the obvious cosmetic updates needed, Leanne and Steve also decided there was a better location for the downstairs powder room.

Powder Room, After

The powder room was relocated to a different part of the downstairs and updated to match with the kitchen.

Powder Room, After

The sink used in the new powder room is actually a laundry sink Leanne found in a salvage yard. Apparently it was quite heavy and not the easiest to move into the bathroom. For the faucet, Leanne used a black bath fill.

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