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Restored by the Fords: Victorian Frill but Make it Modern

March 27, 2019

Homeowners January and Michael were in desperate need of finding a way to balance both their styles: January likes doilies and Michael... not so much. With Leanne and Steve’s help, their beautiful home got the modern updates it deserved without losing its Victorian charm.

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Honoring the History While Updating the Home

January and Michael’s gorgeous Victorian home was built by a ship captain in the late 1800s. The homeowners brought in Leanne and Steve to modernize the space a bit — especially in the kitchen, which was updated in the '80s. With a 75K budget, The Fords toned down the Victorian frill and added some modern touches while still honoring the home’s history.

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Foyer, Before

With already gorgeous floors and woodwork, there wasn't much to do in the foyer.

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From: Restored by the Fords

Foyer, After

Everything in this room was kept clean and simple in order to make the wood a focal point. Leanne painted a fainting couch with white canvas paint so that Michael and January's kids could draw all over it!

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Dining Room, Before

The original dining room was actually the biggest room downstairs, which to Leanne and Steve was a sign it should actually be the family room.

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