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It’s In the Details: 20 of Leanne Ford’s Low-Key Power Moves

Bold swaths of black and white are boss, but we’re equally in love with the subtler genius of Leanne’s accessories and finishing touches. Here are our all-time favorites.

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Sneaky Salvage

The Fords sledgehammered through wall after wall to give this Victorian the new floor plan it desperately needed. Its sweetest new feature, on the other hand, was quite literally "buried on an estate somewhere in Ohio." Leanne found these vintage doors for just $30, and Steve rebuilt them to weather exposure to the outdoors. Well done, team.

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Natural Highlights

This once-awkward former kitchen addition bore little resemblance to the rest of the Fords' clients' home. Leanne gave the room just a touch of character by adding rough ceiling beams to give the space the historic feel of the rest of the house.

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Garden Arty

It’s unlikely that Willy Guhl (a midcentury Swiss designer known for his shapely concrete planters) imagined that one of his pieces would make its way to a Pittsburgh powder room. Therein lies the magic of Leanne’s relationship with her plumber: they both love country music, and they’ll both turn anything into a sink.

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Commissioned Ceramics

Because her clients' kitchen was to be ultra-minimalist, Leanne knew that "pieces that do come in have to be wowser." Accordingly, she stocked their shelves with handmade, one-of-a-kind plates, bowls and vases.

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