Leanne and Steve Ford: Your New Favorite Restoration Siblings

This brother and sister duo restore some of Pittsburgh's quirkiest homes into the coolest houses on the block. Get to know the siblings and see a sneak peek of the designs featured on HGTV's Restored by the Fords

By: Jessica Galliart

Meet the Ford Siblings

Sister and brother team Leanne and Steve Ford work together to renovate and restore quirky homes in and around Pittsburgh, turning them into the coolest houses in town. 

Leanne Ford

With a background in art direction, fashion design and even music, Leanne Ford's endless creativity shows in her current work designing homes.

Steve Ford

As the muscle of the home reno operation, Steve is referred to as "the MacGuyver of contracting" by Leanne. Fun fact: Steve founded Surf Pittsburgh, a company that teaches aspiring surfers how to ride the local rivers. 

The Georgi Family

Along with their 10-year-old daughter, Parker and Lisa Georgi are ready to take on a restoration of their classic but outdated Frank Lloyd Wright-esque home in suburban Pittsburgh. 

The Design

While Leanne aims to keep the key elements of the house that make it special, the Georgis are ready for some modernizing and opportunities to brighten up their dark and outdated living spaces.

Save That

The Fords put a little more thought into their demo days than most typical renovations, as they always plan to keep and reuse much of what they're removing, like these mahogany wood panels in the Georgi's living room.

Meet Mom

It's a true family affair at the Georgi project when Steve and Leanne's mom stops by the house. 

The Living Room

The Georgis' restored living room lets in much more natural light that fills the newly brightened and whitened space. 

Spin Art

Leanne and the Georgis' daughter, Josefina, work on a spin art project for a more personal touch of decor in the new living room. 

The Fireplace

The painting over the Georgis' newly painted brick fireplace was inspired by the spin art created by daughter Josefina. 

Living Room Lighting

This quirky chandelier is, to say the least, eye-catching in the Georgi family's restored living space.

The Kitchen

Mahogany paneling, a marble backsplash and white concrete countertops tell a beautiful color story in the Georgis' new kitchen. 

Creative Shelving

Leanne utilizes open shelving and rustic décor in her design for the newly opened up kitchen in the Georgi house. 

The Kitchen Table

A single slab of ash wood was crafted into this custom, live edge dining table that seats 10 people comfortably.

The Master Bedroom

The Georgis' former master bedroom was ample on space but felt dark and outdated. Fresh paint, new lighting and some well placed new furniture transform it into the couple's dream sleeping oasis. 

The Master Bedroom

The Georgis have an ideal view off the porch of their newly updated, but still quirky, home in Suburban Pittsburgh. 

Homeowner Inspiration

Parker Georgi always said he wanted to build the "dream house for his dream girl," so Leanne Ford incorporated his quote into this piece of art.

The Master Bathroom

The Georgis' former bathroom was not only outdated but also wasted space. Leanne's new design features a modern double vanity and an enviable soaking tub. 

The Master Bathroom

Industrial lights give the new bathroom an ultra-modern and sleek vibe to create the mini-spa Lisa Georgi always wanted. 

The Master Bathroom

For the ceiling above the new custom shower, Leanne and Steve recreated the look of the living room's mahogany wood panels by staining and cutting cedar, a less expensive and more functional choice for a bathroom. 

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