18 of Leanne Ford's Best Looks on 'Restored by the Fords'

The former fashion stylist and co-host of HGTV's newest sibling show may inspire some outfit envy with her on-set garb this season.

By: Jessica Galliart

Photo By: Heather Mull

Photo By: Heather Mull

Photo By: Heather Mull

Photo By: Heather Mull

Just Jackets 

Leanne Ford’s jacket with perfectly rolled sleeves really seems to tie the room together, eh?

Tip of the Cap 

Safety glasses are a must for demo day, as are a comfy-cute top and a well-fitted hat for keeping various particles away from one’s scalp.

Shoes: Why? 

Why clod through a finished space and risk leaving a trace when you could just go barefoot?

Wear Black, Paint White

Leanne embodies her adopted motto of "Wear Black, Paint White" in this finished space from Restored by the Fords.

Denim on Denim

Denim shirts make for the perfect work outfits in the middle of a build, if only for their plentiful pockets.

Take a Bow

Anyone else desperately searching their closet for a ribbon suitable for a bow-tie choker necklace?


If you’ve watched HGTV at least once in your life, you know it’s totally encouraged to mix patterns, like Leanne’s printed pants and the marble surround behind her.

More Moto Jackets, Please

In a former life, Leanne was a fashion stylist and creative director in New York City and Los Angeles. She has worked for brands like Betsey Johnson and was a creative consultant for Hollister, American Eagle and Roxy.

Stitch, Please

We love the intricate designs, like the colorful stitching on this blouse, seen on many of Leanne’s outfits worn on Restored by the Fords.

Something Blue 

Blue kitchens are super trendy right now. If a white kitchen is more your style, perhaps consider just wearing this favored deep blue hue every time you enter it, instead?

Comfy Cozy 

Wouldn’t you be inspired to dress in your comfiest jeans-and-sweatshirt combo, too, if you spent all day in this seemingly dreamy bedroom?

Collar Crush

Although she’s no longer a full-time fashion stylist, Leanne says her fashion interests still play a large role in inspiration for her interior designs.

Olive You, Leanne! 

Let this be a reminder that work boots can WORK for both keeping your soles in check during a build and creating the perfect casual outfit.

Zip It

Another Moto jacket spotted in the Restored by the Fords wild!

Wear Black, Paint White

Are we seeing a pattern, yet?

Wear Black, Paint White?

OK, yes, we know what we said. But, according to Leanne, most, if not all, rules are meant to be broken.

Leanne, Overall

You may or may not see more than one pair of overalls during this season of Restored by the Fords.

But First …

We really need to talk about these incredible boots.

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