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20 Ways Leanne Ford Got Creative With White

White is 'the color that makes everything else pop,' says the Restored by the Fords designer mastermind. Here are just a few of Leanne's brightest ideas thus far.

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Dramatic Meeting

Leanne staged a high-impact collision on the ceiling of this spa-style master bath, where unassuming white hex tiles tumble into panels of deep mahogany. Who says a relaxing space has to be boring?

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Pale Fire

In Leanne’s world, a ho-hum hearth is a gallery wall in the making. "I’ve painted brick black and white, but mainly white," she told Architectural Digest. "I decide on the shade based on how natural I want the space to feel; when you use ultra-bright white, it’s more crisp and clean."

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Modern Moment

The pale beadboard in this renovated living room is anything but rustic: It’s a bold backdrop for inky abstract art and a pair of stone tables.

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White Light/White Heat

A fireplace doesn’t need fuel to combust, as Leanne demonstrated by leaving interior bricks unpainted and creating a deep frame around sculptural wooden vases. As she told MyDomaine, "White is like this special Secret Service man doing his job without you even realizing it. Painting a space white makes you notice the texture, the brick, the wood, the room."

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