TBT: Leanne and Steve Ford's Best Childhood Photos

The Pittsburgh siblings have a long history of passion for fashion (and apparently torturing each other on camera).

By: Jessica Galliart

The Ford Kids

These children of the '90s have a lot of explaining to do for their (totally on-trend) looks of yesterday.

21 Years Young

On the left is Leanne and Steve's older sister, who Leanne says jokingly calls herself "the other sister." The three were celebrating Leanne's 21st birthday at summer camp.

Happy Holidays from the Fords

Even the Ford kids' dog Bonnie Blue Bell got in on the Christmas sweater action for a family portrait that holiday season. "No comment on this one," Steve said.

Sister Eyes

"That look," from Leanne, "is what I feel every day," Steve said. No word on what happened to that clearly traumatized Cabbage Patch doll.

No Flowers for Leanne

No, Leanne was not Steve's date for a high school Sadie Hawkins. "That'd be bad if I had to take my sister to the dance," Steve said.

Swing Dancing or Torture?

During the golden age of swing dancing as teens, Leanne remembers this as her brother, Steve, attempting a swing move at home. "I thought it was torture," he said.

A Vintage Obsession Begins

"That might be your first vintage shopping experience," Steve said of Leanne.

Christmas Trio

What happened to the holiday sweaters, though?

Siblings on the Slopes

The Fords clearly loved and embrace their colder climate growing up in the Northeast.

Aloha, Fords!

But, of course, soaked up some sunshine and tropics parties when they could.

Adventure Crew

Steve is still an avid outdoors junkie -- ask him about his wakesurfing skills -- but the siblings all loved to hit the water growing up.

The Matriarch

Leanne and Steve's mom may or may not show up in future seasons of Restored by the Fords, as she loves to visit her kids on the job.

On Duty

Steve and Leanne's first venture as coworkers was actually at Deer Valley Summer Camp, where they were both lifeguards for one summer.

Oh, Steve

Here we have the typical "Brother Making Funny Face Behind Unsuspecting Sister Posing in a Lovely Manner" shot.

No Caption Needed

Does it get more '90s than this shoutout to the camera via outstretched arms?

Amateur Contractor

Proof that Steve Ford has always had home design and construction in his blood.


Proof that Leanne did, at one point, wear bright colors.

I Got You

These two siblings aren't afraid to poke fun at each other, but they've clearly always had each other's backs.

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