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TBT: Leanne and Steve Ford's Best Childhood Photos

By: Jessica Galliart

The Pittsburgh siblings have a long history of passion for fashion (and apparently torturing each other on camera).

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The Ford Kids

These children of the '90s have a lot of explaining to do for their (totally on-trend) looks of yesterday.

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21 Years Young

On the left is Leanne and Steve's older sister, who Leanne says jokingly calls herself "the other sister." The three were celebrating Leanne's 21st birthday at summer camp.

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Happy Holidays from the Fords

Even the Ford kids' dog Bonnie Blue Bell got in on the Christmas sweater action for a family portrait that holiday season. "No comment on this one," Steve said.

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Sister Eyes

"That look," from Leanne, "is what I feel every day," Steve said. No word on what happened to that clearly traumatized Cabbage Patch doll.

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