10 Times Grace Mitchell Was Her Own Statement Accessory

Doublemint Twins

SKEPTIC: "That garden-fresh green is certainly fun, but how versatile is it?"

GRACE: "Hold my measuring tape."

Painterly Petals

Thought Grace’s outfit was all about the kitchen cabinets, did you? America, she was just getting started: look closely and you’ll see that the blooms on her jumpsuit pick up every single pop of color on the playful wallpaper and pile of throw pillows in this attic bedroom.

Grey Lady

If you don’t match your v-neck tee to the cool mineral veins in the master bath you just rehabbed, pro, do you even design? Grace Mitchell: Honorary Shower Caddy.

Window Dressing

The splashes of blue on Grace’s maxi skirt just happen to pair perfectly with the window seat she customized for this bedroom. Coincidence? We think not.

Going for Gold

Grace could cultivate a serious side hustle by marketing tea towels inspired by the fabrics she wears in kitchen walk-throughs. Sure, she’s got plenty on her plate already, but c’mon — this is a match made in heaven.

In Living Color

Naturally, that shirt is also tailor-made for the family-portrait wallpaper Grace created for her clients’ living room. This isn’t her first rodeo, folks.

Check, Please

Grace went high-concept to highlight the graphic photo wall she created in her client’s home office — the bold pattern’s a dead ringer for the black-and-white buffalo check she’s sporting here.

Blue Plate Special

How to emphasize the vintage-china vibe in this modern-traditional kitchen? With a delicately-patterned shirt and on-trend take on chambray, of course.

Flower Girl

Her sweet dress looks smashing against the kitchen’s custom backsplash, but Grace’s power move here is in her nod to the retro bowls in the cabinet. Keep this move on file for your next dinner party, hosts.

Design 101

The genius here is subtle: the bold white belt Grace chose to break up her monochromatic look echoes the eye-catching white countertop and chalkboard lines she used to color-block this schoolroom-inspired kitchen. Now that’s a lesson in style.

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