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Home Town: A Bachelor's Paradise

A well-travelled bachelor, and long-time friend of Ben and Erin, is coming back home to Laurel where his family has lived for five generations. Erin and Ben help the returning Laurelite restore a 1920s-vintage cottage to create the picture-perfect bachelor's retreat.

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Photo: Laura Good

Back Home in Laurel

Erin and Ben performed a tasteful transformation on this home for a friend with lifelong ties to the town of Laurel — but who spent the last few years living away from his hometown. He's now ready to return to his roots and find a home that suits his lifestyle.

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From: Home Town


The Grubbs House. This home had belonged to Don and Caroline Grubbs who lived there for 45 years. Mr. Grubbs had been the principal at R.H. Watkins High School in Laurel — which happened to be the alma mater of Ben and Erin's client. The was built in 1920. it came with four bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 2400 square feet — and one very green exterior. The client actually favored green as an exterior color, but perhaps something a little less pronounced than this particular shade.

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Photo: Laura Good. From: Erin Napier, Ben Napier and Home Town.


In the renovated home, the green exterior gets toned down considerably — to a more soothing and subtle soft-sage green. A new front porch, front door and gable are added, giving the home a more defined profile and creating a more welcoming first impression.

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Meet the Homeowner

Shuff Mauldin (center), a long-time friend of Erin and Ben, gets his first look at the Grubbs House. Shuff is a Mississippi native, a fifth generation Laurelite and, like Ben and Erin, an Ole Miss grad. He's adventurous and outdoorsy, has lived all around the country, but is now feeling the draw of his hometown.

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