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Home Town: A Home Away From Home

A couple wants a vacation home in Laurel that's big enough to entertain — but easy and manageable to maintain. Ben and Erin help them restore a 1920s-vintage cottage home to create the perfect small-town getaway with a fabulous kitchen.

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Vintage Roots, Modern Enhancements

Erin and Ben made thoughtful modifications that took this 1920s cottage from plain-vanilla to sharp and stylish — with interiors defined by functional design and a modern-masculine aesthetic.

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The Hosey House, built in the 1920s, had been owned by Mary and Freddy Hosey who moved there in the '60s and lived there for 30 years. It comes with two bedrooms, one bath, 1,200 square feet, and the list price is $53,000. The house has history and potential but, in its pre-renovation state, is rather plain and lacking in definition. The front includes a non-original sunroom addition with a dated look that detracted from the home's overall curb appeal.

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Ben and Erin created a more dramatic exterior profile by replacing the front windows on the addition, adding cedar shakes to the front gable, removing the nonfunctional shutters and updating the landscaping.

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Meet the Homeowners

Giorgio (left) and Josh (right) visit family in Laurel several times a year to visit family and are looking to purchase a home there that can double as a vacation home. "We're going to be back and forth," says Josh, "so it's going to be hard for us to maintain a house if it's really large – so maybe something with a smaller footprint. And something with a nice kitchen because Giorgio likes to cook." Their budget is $150,000.

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