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Drew Scott's Stunning Galveston Beach House Makeover

By: Jessica Galliart
From: Drew Scott

Winner! Tour the two-story Galveston beach house Drew completely transformed to earn him a long-awaited victory on Brother vs. Brother

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Photo: Paul Ladd/AP Images

Drew Wins!

He took a major risk for season five of Brother Vs. Brother, and it paid off! Drew chose a two-story beach house in Galveston that needed extensive structural repair, cosmetic updating and overall reconfiguring, for a price of $275,000 with a $235,000 renovation budget. Despite spending $325,000 on the renovation -- nearly $100,000 more than intended -- the finished home sold for a staggering $690,000, giving him a profit of $90,000. 

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Photo: Paul Ladd/AP Images

Living Room, Before 

Are we in Galveston or the backwoods of Texas? Drew’s two-story home is covered top to bottom in wood paneling, and though the beams offer up some potential, the layout is closed off and leaves much to be desired. 

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Photo: Jill Hunter/AP Images

Living Room, After 

The new living space is barely recognizable after the paneling is replaced with crisp, white walls, the gnarly carpet is swapped for beachy hardwoods and the closed off staircase is opened up to highlight the gorgeous high ceilings. 

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Photo: Paul Ladd/AP Images

Kitchen, Before

While the main living area and kitchen were essentially open concept, one might be left thinking, “Open to what?” With stone and wood paneling as far as the eye can see, Drew was determined to take advantage of the light and view from the adjoining patio and bring the space into the 21st Century. 

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