Contemporary Playroom With a Punch

Designer Lindsey Hayes creates a vibrant, eclectic playroom for a family of five who wanted a place to entertain, play video games, hang out and relax.
Mixed Color Eclectic Playroom With Green Rug

Mixed-Color Eclectic Playroom With Green Rug

Photo Courtesy of Ashley DeLapp

From: Evaru

See how Evaru designer Lindsey Hayes combines the right mix of bright colors and playful materials to create the perfect place for an entire family to enjoy.

Describe the homeowner's wish list.

The Pack family of five wanted a room where everyone could hang out, watch movies and play games. They wanted a place for everyone to sit. The teens wanted a cool hang out room where they could play video games with their friends. They wanted the room to be fun for everyone.

What was the biggest issue the design addressed?

The biggest issue in this space was the wall color vs. the lighting. The prior wall color was a dark hunter green, and the lighting was not sufficient. It was so dark. The room also felt unbalanced with two heavy black bookcases at the far end of the space. They needed another piece of furniture to balance that out along with more storage.

Contemporary, Colorful Playroom

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Describe an obstacle in the space.

My client wanted to get a few more years out of the existing sofa and mismatched club chairs. Not to mention, she wanted to keep a brown leather chair in the space as well. My challenge was choosing fabrics to use to reupholster the furniture. I needed to pick durable fabrics that would mix well with the brown leather chair.

How did the end result match your original vision?

Towards the end of the project, I decided to add in a pair of fun foot stools that are covered in colorful recycled tin. This really added that pop that I needed on the big green shag rug. It also provided a place to prop your feet when sitting on the sofa. I also added in a large floor lamp to increase the lighting factor and provide ambient lighting when the big overhead was turned off.

What lessons did you learn from this project?

The lead time for the reupholstering was longer than expected. That left the family without any seating for a couple of months, but in the end it was worth the wait!

What are the hidden gems that make a big difference?

I love using the acrylic and chrome pneumatic stools from JANUS et Cle. If you have a counter that is not quite bar height and not true counter height, these are the perfect stools for you. They adjust to any height and look beautiful.

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