Grass Guide: Kentucky Bluegrass

Give your yard the blues with classic, cool-season grass.

Kentucky bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass

Thick, vibrant Kentucky bluegrass is a classic choice for homeowners.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Bayer CropScience

Image courtesy of Bayer CropScience

Thick, vibrant Kentucky bluegrass is a classic choice for homeowners.

Vibrant color and durability in heavily trafficked areas has made Kentucky bluegrass a popular choice for parks and home lawns since the mid-20th century. Though it is a slow grower in the heat of summer, this medium-textured, deeply green grass offers thick ground coverage and is commonly planted throughout much of  the United States.  


Grows best in cool to mixed climates. It is commonly planted throughout the northern, midwestern and mountain states.   


Requires ample light and will falter in heavily shaded areas.  


Requires consistent and thoughtful watering. In drought conditions it will brown and enter dormancy until water conditions improve.


  • Thick and attractive coverage
  • Cold weather tolerant and does well in full sunlight
  • Durable and recovers quickly


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Will go dormant in high temperature conditions
  • Slow to germinate
  • Does poorly in shaded or overly-wet conditions

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