21 Ways to Eliminate Clutter From Your Utility Closet

Never misplace another cleaning product or tool again with these clever storage solutions and organizing ideas.

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April 07, 2020

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Photo By: Photography by Alison Gootee; styling by Anthony Santelli

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Create Shelves

Good closet storage is essential for corraling clutter. For those closets that aren't large enough for standard shelving, consider adding a custom unit for storage on a smaller scale. This system gives even tiny, shallow closets dedicated shelf space for storing cleaning products and accessories.

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Add an Ironing Station

If your linen closet and utility closet are one and the same, make use of the back of the door for an ironing station. This easy DIY station keeps the iron, supplies and board up off the floor to save space for bulkier items such as a vacuum or air mattress.

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Use Hooks

Take a cue from the entryway and turn to hooks for a quick storage solution. A simple hook is great for hanging dustpans, dusters, flashlights and small step stools. Make sure to check the package for any weight limit to avoid hooks from falling off the wall.

Or Pegs

If you have a lot of items to hang, try an old-fashioned pegboard on the back wall of the closet. Pegboards are super handy, versatile and easy to rearrange to accommodate different items.

Make a Mobile Cart

For easy chores, craft a mobile cart out of a filing cabinet and caster wheels to house brooms, mops and cleaning supplies. Wheel it out for cleaning and wheel it back when you’re finished.

Keep Track of Documents

Instead of cramming manuals and receipts into the kitchen junk drawer, store them in a folder or document case safely in the utility closet. These stackable cases are also great for storing stationery, cards and paper if the space also doubles as a craft closet.

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Use the Door

Maximize every inch in your utility closet — including the door. This handy hanging rack can be mounted to a wall or the back of a door and provides an abundance of extra space for storing smaller items like cleaning gloves, rags and boxes of dust pads.

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Consolidate Leftover Paint

Did you know that you shouldn’t store paint (or artwork) in the garage? The change in temperature isn’t good for it. Instead, paint should be stored safely in a utility closet or under the sink. Ditch the bulky gallons and consolidate paint in smaller airtight containers to maximize space.

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Install Pull-Out Drawers

No more fumbling and creating messes to reach the back of the closet. The wire baskets on the top shelves are attached to rollers so they can easily be pulled out to reach items in the back.

Lock Up Chemicals

Keep chemicals or cleaners stored at the bottom of the utility closet to avoid any damage from spillage. To keep harmful chemicals out of reach from kiddos, choose storage containers that feature an air-tight lid and the ability to attach a lock.

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Get a Curtain Rod

You've probably seen this storage hack for under the kitchen sink, but it's also ideal for a utility closet. Attach a curtain rod or set up a tension rod at the bottom of the closet and use it to hang spray bottles or drape cleaning gloves and towels across.

Or a Towel Rack

If you love the idea of hanging items but don’t have space for a full curtain rod, consider installing a towel rack instead. Add small, hangable pots to house smaller items for maximum efficiency.

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Corral Odds and Ends

Easily keep all those tiny bolts, nuts and screws organized with a unit of flip-out bins. Use a piece of white tape to label each bin and never misplace a bolt again.

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Go Vertical

Keep brooms, mops and dusters off the floor and out of the way with a handy wall mount. This rack can hold up to 35 pounds with five slots for long-handled cleaning tools and six hooks for smaller items such as dustpans. And at less than $10, it’s easy on your wallet, too.

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Make Things Easy to Reach

Too often things get crammed to the very back of the closet, making it hard to see — and remember — what you have. With modular baskets, it’s easy to pull items off the shelf without digging through everything else. Even better, these baskets come in three different sizes with a universal lid so you can stack and customize them to fit your needs.

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Make Things Easy to See

Alternatively, use plastic tubs instead of baskets in the closet. These clear totes are stackable, come in eight different sizes and are see-through, making it easy to identify and organize items by category.

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Upcycled Rustic Cubbies

Plastic tubs and bins not your thing? Make easily-accessible storage cubbies out of wooden crates instead. Here, vintage wine crates are assembled to create a stylish cleaning station.

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Store Batteries Together

If your junk drawer has turned into a hoard of random, half-empty packets of batteries, it’s time to de-clutter. This handy battery organizer can store batteries in a variety of sizes and also includes a battery tester. The see-through container makes it easy to see the sizes where you’re running low.

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Create Sub Shelves

Maximize the space between shelves by using stackable storage bins. These mesh bins feature an open-mouth design that makes it ideal for easily seeing and reaching items.

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Use a Shoe Organizer

A simple shoe organizer can be used for so many things, from storing cans of spray paint to bottles of cleaning supplies. Not able to hang it on the back of the door? Fold it up accordion-style and store it on a shelf. This technique is great for storing camping supplies and emergency preparedness items.

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Make Your Own Closet

No more closet space? No problem. Create a dedicated utility closet by upcycling a cabinet or locker. This emerald green wardrobe was created to house pet cleaning supplies and toys. The inside of the doors even feature chalkboards for writing reminders and appointments.

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