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26 Clever Uses for Everyday Items in the Garage

By: Morgan Faulkner and Sharon Merritt

Upcycled decor is smart and savvy, so why save all the best ideas for inside the home? Give new life to old things by transforming them into smart storage for the garage.

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Photo: Melissa George

Contained Chaos

Coffee to the rescue! Stop fighting with tangled twine and rope and store them in a coffee can instead. Cut a slit in the top of the can, and put your rope inside. Pull the end through the top for an easy dispenser.

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Photo: Melissa George

Towel Rod Rack

A wall-mounted towel rack is a great solution for storing various clamps. Next time you replace a towel rod inside the house, save the old one for the garage!

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Photo: Melissa George

Chain It Up

If you have a pile of tangled extension cords in your garage, try this inexpensive hack. Use 1' sections of chain to hang cords on a coat hook. Mount the coat rack on a stud or use wall anchors, and hang two cords from each hook to create wall storage.

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Photo: Blue i Style

Reuse and Repurpose

Don’t throw away your empty paint cans! Instead, upcycle old paint cans into garage storage to help organize painting supplies like brushes, tape and stir sticks.

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