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40 Clever Ways to Clean Up and Organize Your Laundry Room

By: Deanne Revel and Catherine Strawn

For a place where so much action happens day-to-day, the laundry room doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. But with a few upgrades, you can transform this household hub into the most efficiently used square footage in your home — not to mention a more pleasant site for ironing.

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Photo: Photography: WE Studios; Design + Staging + Styling: Design Harmony. From: Harmony Weihs.

Pull-Out Ironing Board

If you've ever caught a finger in the hinge while expanding an ironing board (it's the worst!), you will definitely appreciate this storage hack. Instead of setting up and setting out an ironing board every time clothes need to be ironed, this homeowner installed a custom, roll-out drawer. The ironing board simply pulls out whenever needed and goes back into the drawer when not in use. No more fussing with clunky stands and temperamental hinges.

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Fold-Up Folding Table

Instead of turning the couch or the bed into a folding station every time you do laundry, why not add a folding table in your laundry room? It doesn't have to be big. This small tabletop from Pottery Barn folds up against the wall so you don't need any extra floor space.

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Photo: Tessa Neudstadt

Hooked On Organization

Dropping your bags and jacket on the floor — we’ve all been there. Keep the mess off the ground by installing utility hooks on the wall or back of the door for a designated catchall space.

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Photo: Jared Kuzia Photography. From: Kristina Crestin.

Decorative and Practical

Who says storage solutions can’t be décor as well? Definitely not us. Decorative baskets serve as storage in this home’s trendy laundry room.

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