15 Ways to Organize Your Kid's Closet

Kids' toys and clothes can fill their closets with clutter. Take control with these easy organizing ideas.

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November 25, 2014
By: Toni Hammersley and Chelsey Bowen

Photo By: Beth Singer, Courtesy of Custom Homes by Derocher

Accessibility is Key

The best way to guarantee your kid's closet stays organized is a system that he or she can help maintain. This little boy's closet has double rods for parents to hang clothes, but the bottom of the space is transformed with open shelving and bins. The within-reach baskets allow him to get to socks, shoes and other essentials.

Double Up

Closet doubler rods work well in kids' closets because they increase hanging space while allowing small children to reach their own clothes without help. Kids can also put their clothes away on laundry day, keeping closets tidy and teaching them organization skills at an early age.

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Maximize Your Square Footage

Make the most of closet space by using the right hangers. Slimline hangers use less room than typical ones so that you can store more clothes without having to pack them in tightly. Plus, the non-slip design ensures your kids aren't constantly leaving half-hung shirts in their closets.

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Come Up with a Hanging System

Hang similar items together so kids can pick out their clothes and put them away quickly. Color-coordinate them and hang by category, such as short sleeve, long sleeve, tank tops, dresses, pants and dress shirts.

Always Have a Bin Handy

Adding bins and baskets to kids' closets helps control clutter buildup. Incorporate a mix of different containers to accommodate the variety of items your kid's closet needs to contain, from toys and shoes to stuffed animals and the little things they love to collect. These adorable baskets not only feature fun graphics, but they are also collapsible so that they can be stored easily when not needed.

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Color Coordinated

Coordinating baskets by color is a fun and easy way for your kids to stay organized. Store all like toys in the same color baskets, and store books in a different color.

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Label Everything

Labeling helps keep the abundance of clothing, toys and accessories your child accumulates at bay. These birch labels clip on to any bin for easy labeling with a dry erase marker.

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Organized yet Accessible Shoes

Kids' shoes often end up in a pile on the floor. Avoid the mountain of sneakers by designating a specific place to neatly store their shoes. Open shelving with multiple tiers is an easy and functional solution.

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Utilize the Door

Make use of all the space in your kid's closet, including the door. While over-the-door organizers work well for shoes, don't be limited by its original purpose. They're also ideal for storing toys, stuffed animals or other clothing items.

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Invest in a Closet System

A good closet system can make all the difference. Create a custom one that has the right number of shelves, drawers and cubbies you need to keep your kiddo's closet in tip-top shape.

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Designate Specific Areas

If you have the luxury of a walk-in closet, take advantage of the space with an organized closet system. Allocate a place for a laundry hamper, drawers for shoes and accessories, and open shelving for toys.

Hidden Storage

Drawers that can be closed to contain the chaos (even if it's neatly folded chaos) bring a streamlined aesthetic to the closet. Add a dresser, like this chic one with easy-to-pull-out fabric drawers, under clothing racks to double the amount of storage in your kid's closet.

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Say Yes to Hooks

Hooks are the easiest way to keep things neat and tidy. Kids simply hang jackets, bags, scarves or jewelry and the floor remains clutter free. We love these pretty and colorful options. Hang their monogram or spell out a lovely word to add functionality and charm to their closets.

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Ready for Cleanup

For bulky items, like stuffed animals, pillows or throw blankets, a big open bin is your kiddo's friend. Before bedtime, toss everything in. No tears or negotiating required.

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In the Wash

If you have enough space, stick a laundry basket in the corner to control the piles of dirty clothes. Ones with handles make it easier for you or your older kid to carry to the laundry room.

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