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9 Ways to Get Cash for Your Old Electronics

You've upgraded to the latest smartphone, laptop or TV — now, what to do with your old gear? Learn how to trade in your gently used electronics for cash, or donate gadgets at the end of their lifespan.

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Send It to the ecoATM

Available in a mall near you, consider this the tech equivalent of Coinstar. Each ecoATM guides sellers through a step-by-step process of scanning an iPhone, MP3 player or tablet for its estimated resale value. Once personal information like a driver's license ID (used to deter theft and criminal resale), is uploaded, the kiosk offers a cash value that you can walk away with that same day.

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Think Locally

I love the convenience and reach of Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for selling things locally. When writing your ad, do a little market research and see how other users are pricing comparable goods. If you price, say, a camera lens for a $100 more than others selling the same thing, don't expect to get a lot of bites. And always make sure to upload only the most glamorous shots of the tech to grab buyers' attention.

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Trade It In

Major retailers like Best Buy (pictured), Walmart, Target, Amazon and even Apple offer the opportunity to exchange gently used gadgets for gift cards that can be used to buy more electronics or, you know, toilet paper. Your choice.

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Find an Online Electronics Market

The business of electronics reselling is booming – great for sellers looking for top dollar. Gadget markets like Gazelle, NextWorth and uSell make selling old iPhones, laptops and tablets almost as painless as ordering your morning coffee, and they'll send you a pre-paid shipping label if you like the price. Brilliant.

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