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Top Gardening Apps

Are you a novice gardener and don't know where to start? These apps offer great instructions and tips for the beginner to advanced gardener.
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English garden designer James Alexander-Sinclair offers witty articles with inspiring photos and videos in this app. If you like taking photos of your favorite blooms, Alexander-Sinclair's related Gardens app lets you save and caption your flower finds.

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Is that pretty tree a dogwood, a white birch or another variety? With Leafsnap, you simply take a photograph of a leaf against a white background (a sheet of paper), and this electronic field guide will help you identify it. It's Northeast-centric right now, but will be expand across the nation soon.

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Organic Gardening Magazine

If heirloom pink tomatoes, purple cauliflower and jade-green kale sound like your kind of rainbow, you'll like this photo-rich iPad app. It brings the paper magazine to life with how-to videos and recipes for all the environmentally friendly and natural goodies in your garden.

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Wish you could see how your home would look with professional landscaping? With the iScape app, you can create a digital model of your home's front yard. Feature your favorite plants, so you can see the design before digging at all.

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