10 Cool Tech Accessories

Life is filled with little technology challenges: a tablet gone missing, a dead smartphone battery, and that moment when you really, really need a selfie from a good angle. Get the most out of your electronics with these clever tech accessories.

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Everpurse is stylish on the outside, but inside, there’s a dock that can recharge your phone. The purse holds enough “juice” to charge your phone several times, and charges on its own little mat so it can live to charge another day.

Muku Shuttr

Please, step away from the selfie stick — you may get a better angle, but man, how embarrassing. Alternative? The Muku Shuttr lets you take a smartphone photo via remote from up to 30 feet away. 


Photography goes next level when you have better lenses for your camera. Pop these Olloclip attachable lens onto iPhone, iPad and some Android models and achieve fisheye, wide-angle and macro effects heretofore unknown. 

Utility Phone Case

The IN1 Multi-tool Utility phone case is like a Swiss Army knife for modern life. It boasts essentials like a nail file, screwdrivers and pens, all ingeniously stored inside the phone case. And, it’s TSA compliant, so you can whip out those tweezers mid-flight.

Mobile Keyboard

You could magically shrink your fingers so you can type on a tiny device, but it’s probably easier to get a Universal Mobile Keyboard. It connects via Bluetooth; just set your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device in the stand and start typing. 

Anti-Schmutz Spray

Smudgy eyeliner suggests a Bohemian chic, but a smudgy screen says “slob” (not to mention, it’s germ city). Spritz on a little AM Anti-Schmutz spray, then turn the container on its side to use the built-in microfiber cloth.  


Why play air guitar alone, when you can play with a whole air band? RockStar lets you connect up to five headphones into your iPod, MP3 player or DVD player. 


If you’re playing a daily game of Where’s My Phone?, stick a Tile on that sucker and then track its location with the Tile app. Tiles work on other valuables, too, like your laptop, keys, purse, luggage or that bicycle your neighbor keeps borrowing.


The Tylt Vu is a colorful little smartphone stand — with a twist. While it’s propping up your phone, it’s also wirelessly charging it. 


The LaCie PetiteKey is a flash drive that hangs incognito on your keychain, so you always have it with you when you want to transfer files. It’s also waterproof and scratch-resistant, and comes with data-protecting software to keep important files secure. 

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