Old Meets New: 10 Vintage-Inspired Tech Products

It’s easy to get nostalgic about technology from the past — until we remember how unreliable and bulky our electronics used to be. To bridge the gap, we’ve found gadgets that meld iconic styles from yesteryear with today’s technology. Now you can enjoy that retro feel without having to hand-crank a gramophone, load a slide carousel or rewind a cassette tape.
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June 22, 2015

Photo By: Gramovox

Photo By: Projecteo

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Photo By: Crosley

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The Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone has a sleek design, yet with a vintage sound even great-aunt Sylvie would approve of. The Bluetooth 4.0-enabled speaker has a range of 30 feet and a battery life of 15 hours, so if you Lindy Hop across the room, you can still control the music. 


Projecteo allows you to turn images from your Instagram account into an old-school slide show. Pick nine photos, and they’ll be developed onto a Barbie-size slide wheel and sent with a reusable, battery-powered mini projector with an LED light. 

Polaroid Socialmatic

Don’t shake it; this camera acts like a vintage Polaroid model, printing out instant 2" by 3" photos. But it also has built-in Wi-Fi and an Android interface, for uploading your pics. The Polaroid Socialmatic can also embed a QR code so you can track which images go viral. 


iRecorder is a dead ringer for a Reagan-era cassette deck, but instead of a tape, you pop in your iPhone and use it as a speaker. The play/pause, rewind and fast forward buttons have the touch and function of the original, so bring on the Depeche Mode.

POP Phone

The POP phone lets us feel like we’re making a call in a Film Noir. It looks and feels like a classic 1950s handset, but lets you navigate your device while you are talking. The POP can be plugged directly into an iPhone and recent Apple computers; adaptors expand the options for use with any computer, smartphone or tablet. 

GE Artistry Series Appliances

Honey, I’m home! The Artistry Series, an appliance suite from GE, has a refreshingly analog feel. The industrial designer who created the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher eschews digital displays. Unlike old-fashioned iceboxes, though, these fridges are Energy Star-rated. 

ION iCade Arcade Bluetooth Cabinet

You can practically taste the Pop Rocks and hear the Joan Jett playing when you use the ION iCade Arcade Bluetooth Cabinet. It connects with an iPad via Bluetooth, enabling you to use the joystick and controls to play games, 1980s arcade style. There’s an Atari Greatest Hits app, but you’ll have to spring for your own Flock of Seagulls haircut. 

Crosley Songbird Radio

Transistor radios used to be a must-have for picnics and the beach. Crosley’s Songbird Radio has a digital AM/FM tuner, or you can plug in an iPod, MP3 player or other portable audio device. It’s battery powered for use on the go, and comes with an AC adapter. There’s also a headphone jack so you can enjoy your disco tunes privately.   

Crosley Director CD Recorder

This Crosley Director CD recorder is housed in a wooden cabinet, reminiscent of simpler times. But its features are very much present-day, with its ability to record all those 33s, 45s or 78s, and even cassettes, directly to CD.

Hanx Writer

Actor Tom Hanks is a typewriter aficionado with an impressive vintage collection. He collaborated with Hitcents to create a word processor app for iPad, Hanx Writer, that mimics the way manual typewriters sound, feel and perform. The app features three custom typefaces, and has wireless support so that you can easily print your typewritten works of genius.

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