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12 Apps and Gadgets to Make Your Home Healthier

Sometimes you need a little help to keep your home dirt- and germ-free. Check out our list of top tech apps and gadgets to help keep your home tidy.
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Photo: Scott Hislop

Automatic Dustpan

You can keep sweep but never seem to get all the dust in the dustpan. Enter automatic dustpan. This dustpan hooks up to your central vacuum system and sucks the dust into the wall and out of sight. 

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Photo: Think Dirty Inc.

Think Dirty Phone App

Your lipstick or face cream may be carcinogenic. Plug your personal care products into the Think Dirty app that rates items based on the reported toxicity of their ingredients, so you can choose the safest products.

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Photo: Dyson

Dyson Humidifier

Thanks to an ultraviolet light that hits the mist before it leaves the machine, Dyson's humidifier aims to destroy 99.9% of bacteria that humidifiers often breed. 

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Photo: Soma

Water Filter

This is a far cry from a plastic pitcher. With its glass body, petroleum-free filter casing and coconut carbon filter, the Soma filter is the ultimate water purifier, all while looking stylish.

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