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Cook Healthier With These 9 Kitchen Gadgets

Properly equipping your kitchen can be first step toward improving your diet. Whip up healthy, delicious meals with these nifty tools and small appliances.
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Breville Avance Steamer

Breville’s steamer can simultaneously steam three dishes on three tiers, and comes to temperature in just 30 seconds. Unlike boiling, which washes away vitamins, steaming keeps them intact. Plus it makes rice!

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KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender

With “Intelli-Speed Motor Control,” this blender can sense what’s inside it and run at the optimum speed to process it thoroughly. Equally nice is the fact that it comes in 14 colors, from metallic chrome to wild “crystal blue,” both of which make smoothies that much more enticing.

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Bite Food Scale

This Bluetooth-enabled scale communicates with your smart devices so you can get precise nutritional info on nearly anything you place on it. Quarter-pound of turkey? Half a wheel of cheese? Bam! You can find out how many calories are in it. Bite also has recipes, and can log your calorie intake down to the exact number.

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Cuisinart TEA-100

Tea is full of antioxidants, lower in caffeine than most coffee, and can be a great way to avoid caloric beverages. But brewing at the wrong temperature can destroy tea’s best qualities. This little teapot not only looks good with its stainless-and-glass carafe, but comes with six presets to brew each variety at its optimum temp.

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