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How to Make Watercolor Party Decorations

By: Liz Gray

Simplify your summer party decor — while still adding a handmade touch — with one simple watercolor technique and your home printer.

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Photo: Liz Gray ©

Make Your Own Watercolor Party Supplies

Pretty party decorations can be pricey, but doing it all yourself can be a bit overwhelming. The compromise? Paint one watercolor design, then scan it and use it for a whole suite of matching pieces.

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Photo: Marianne Canada ©

Paint Your Watercolor Design

To make this modern herringbone pattern, put 5 strips of artist's tape an equal distance apart on a sheet of watercolor paper. Then, add more tape on an angle between each vertical strip. Paint alternate colors in each section to create a custom design. Watch a tutorial of this watercolor technique here >>

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Photo: Liz Gray ©

Make Customized Watercolor Invitations

Now that the design is done, it's time to make some decorations! To make your own custom invitations, scan the design into your computer and add text in a photo editing program. Print and add your party details.

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Photo: Liz Gray ©

Download the Invitation Template

Download our free printable template for two different party invitations, plus a coordinated thank you note. Download the free printable invitations.

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