Simple DIY Art Projects

One budget-savvy designer has an eye for trends and a knack for crafting. Here are four of her favorite projects, as featured in HGTV Magazine.
By: Rae McConville

Photo By: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Photo By: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Photo By: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Photo By: Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Let's Get Crafty

Typhanie Peterson, an interior decorator and blogger ( from Orange County, Calif., set out to make her own art and accessories look store bought. Her motto: "If you don't have the money, you can make the time!" First up: custom artwork. "I've seen ombré paintings online, but I couldn't afford them," says Peterson. "Then I came across a DIY technique on another blog and tried it out myself. The final look is upscale, modern and 100-percent custom."

Faux Molding

"I wanted to add some character to this boxy room, but I didn't have the budget for wood trim and installation. So I got a gallon of paint (around $30), and did this in a weekend," she says.

Striped Lampshade

Peterson knows embellished lampshades can be expensive. "I wanted to give plain ones a custom look for next to nothing," she says.

Frosted Polka-Dot Vases

"This was my first DIY project after I started my blog in 2008," she says. "I had seen a really expensive frosted-glass vase that I fell in love with, and I knew I could get the look for much less."

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