Make a Pallet Christmas Tree

Leave this tree unadorned or dress it up with simple ornaments for some fun holiday flair.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

This easy craft will add some modern yet rustic charm to your holiday decor.

Gather Your Materials

You will need: Several boards from broken down pallets/hammer/stiff wire brush/gloves/saw/ measuring tape/carpenter's square screwdriver or drill with screwdriver bit/1 inch craft screws/white latex paint/water/paint brush/newspaper or drop cloth. Break pallets apart carefully and 10 good pieces from the top and bottom of the pallets. Look for pieces with character including knots and roughness. Clean the pieces by gently scraping them with the wire brush. Brush away any debris.

Prepare the Pieces

You will need one long pallet board in good condition as the center of the tree. Cut the remaining boards into the following lengths for the branches: 1 - 20" board/ 1 - 18" board/ 1 - 16" board/ 1 - 14" board/ 1 - 12" board/ 1 - 10" board/ 1 - 8" board/ 1 - 6" board/ 1 - 4" board. For the base you will need: 2 - 8" boards and 2 - 5.5" boards.

Lay Out the Tree

Place the pieces for the branches on the floor from smallest to largest, leaving about 1.5" to 2" between each. Lay the center piece on top of them and distribute the pieces below evenly, leaving about 8-9" below the bottom branch for the trunk.

Attach the Branches

Use 1" craft screws through the center of the tree and into the branches. Use two screws for each branch (one on either side and one higher than the other) to secure.

Make the Base

Attach one of the 8" base boards to the front of the tree trunk. The edge of the base board should be flush with the side of the trunk. Use 2 craft screws to attach through the front of the base board and into the trunk. Repeat for the back, but point the excess in the opposite direction of the front board.

Finish the Base

Attach a 5.5" base board by pressing the end of it flush against the back base board. The back side of the 5.5" board should be against the side of the trunk and end of the front base board. Use 2 craft screws to attach through the side base board and into the trunk and end of the front base board. Repeat for the other side base board on the back side.

Prepare the White Wash

Add 2 parts white latex paint and 1 part water to a container and shake or stir thoroughly.

Apply the White Wash

Dip the brush in white wash mixture and then remove most of it against the side of the container and by "painting" some newspaper. Lightly drag the brush over all sides of the project allowing as much wood to show through as you wish. Start at the top and paint only to the bottom branch. Leave the trunk and base uncoated.

Finishing touches

Seal the tree if desired. Add ornaments as desired with wire. The wood should be soft enough to attach the wire to the tree on the back side with a push pin.

The Finished Tree

Leave this tree unadorned or dress it up with simple ornaments for some extra holiday pizzazz.

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