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Make Outdoor Ornaments for the Holidays

These frozen ornaments add festive splashes of color to your yard during cold winter months.

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Create Icy Outdoor Ornaments

Bring the holiday spirit to your yard by filling your trees with these colorful, 100% biodegradable ornaments. They are simple to make, all you need are a few dishes, your favorite plants or fruit and water!

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Assemble a Disc Ornament

Create a delicate disc ornament by filling a plastic plate with water and the plants of your choice. We used the last sage blossoms of the season with a few wild berries and rosemary leaves. Tie a knot in a piece of twine and place it halfway in the water before placing the plate flat in the freezer.

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Hang your Ornament

Once your ornament is frozen solid, usually after 4-6 hours, pop it out of the mold and hang! This ornament is so thin that light filters through beautifully, creating a glowing circle of ice and blossoms.

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Easy Ice Wreath Ornament

Create a wreath shaped ornament by placing a cup or other round object in the center of a round pan. Fill the area surrounding the cup with water, fresh cranberries and slices of citrus fruit. Add a piece of twine for hanging and place in the freezer.

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