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Holiday Craft: DIY String Ornaments

These delicate ornaments are a beautiful way to add some Christmas spirit. Their weather-resistant coating makes them a stunning addition to your winter yard that you can leave up all season.

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Make Your Own String Ornament

String ornaments can be a lovely addition to your Christmas decorations, and now you can take them outdoors without worrying about them "melting" if it rains. The step-by-step instructions in this gallery aren't difficult, but they do take a bit of time, so be sure to set aside a few hours before tackling this project.

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To make your outdoor ornaments you will need string, balloons, matte medium and petroleum jelly. Your string can be yarn, twine, crotchet thread or anything else, although natural fibers will work better because they are more absorbent. Cut the string into lengths you feel comfortable working with, we suggest about 36 inches. Before you begin creating your ornaments, assemble the necessary supplies in an area where you can get messy. A drop cloth is a must! Matte medium will wash off your skin, but not out of fabric.

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Soak the string

Begin by dipping the string in the matte medium, making sure it is completely coated. Synthetic fibers may need to soak for a few seconds to be sure the medium penetrates. Gently squeeze off the excess liquid before you begin wrapping. The matte medium will dry clear and will be water resistant so your ornaments can survive outdoors.

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Wrap the Balloons

Blow up your balloons to your preferred size. To make sure your final ornament is round, don't blow the balloon up all the way, or buy round ones. Smear the entire surface of the balloon with petroleum jelly before beginning to wrap the string. It sounds messy, but it will make your job much easier! Begin wrapping your balloons horizontally, then vertically around the middle. This will help keep your balloon round. Continue adding string, wrapping randomly until most of the open spaces are smaller than a square inch.

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